yarn dyeing – part two



Another glorious day beckoned as we drove the short distance from our accommodation to Isager HQ for another day of woolly colour fun.

A quick re-cap of what we learned yesterday and we were on our way to learn more techniques and different ways to achieve beautifully dyed lushes hanks of yarn. We started with some batik tie dye, followed by ombré shades, and then learning how to achieve long repeats of colour, especially useful for knitting socks. We finished with a surprise dyeing pot by all of us choosing one colour and just pouring it over some prepared yarn, no mixing or working in the colour, just cooking it and being excited of what it might turn out to be.

A quick tidy up and final words from the teacher and we were rewarded with some relaxed knitting time at a cafe in an old school. There we drank tea and ate cake of beautiful ceramics made by the owner, sitting under big old trees thinking back over wonderful days spent having fun with colour.

I am very pleased and happy with “My Lot” in the last photo…what do you think? Do you like it?