Woolfest – after the event

dear diary,

taking lots of lovely photos to share with you was very much wishful thinking on my part. As weather was…well the most miserable, wet, windy and cold I have ever know, there was not much point in boring you with dark and fuzzy photos. Dark because of lack of sunshine, and fuzzy because my hands were shaking because of cold. I can honestly say that this was the first time that I experienced flood, mud and so on first hand and not from the comfort of my sofa in front of the telly. The car park (field) was a mud-bath and only thanks to Sian’s 4 wheel drive did we not get stuck. We got a  soaking just by getting from car to entrance even though we sprinted down hill as fast as we could. I can now tick Woolfest off my list, I won’t be returning in a hurry (even if the sun is shining), but instead continue to go our lovely Wonderwool Wales (27/28 April 2013).

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, as wonderful time with my fabulous friends was spent knitting, drinking wine and generally putting the (knitting) world to rights. The retail therapy wasn’t too bad either, see what you think.

This will become one of my favourites, so soft and cosy…

Bought to keep warm – Sophie’s Wild Woollens

Destined to become new designs…

My yarn purchases

Bargain Ebony needles and gorgeous Vintage buttons…

You can never have too many of these

Couldn’t resist this yarn bowl with such a beautiful glaze…

Beautiful Yarn Bowl from Mulberry Dyer – Start of Trillian Shawl by Bettina Behm

It was lovely to see so many friends and have a good catch-up with everyone and despite the foul weather I had a really brilliant time. I leave you with this picture of pompom sheep, just part of ‘The Flock’, a public art project which everyone can join.

The Flock

I was told that so far the organisers have received in the region of 5000 sheep made out of pompoms and if you fancy joining in, you can download a sheep making kit by clicking www.jointheflock.co.uk .

Have fun 🙂