Victoria Poncho

A couple of months ago Antje, (Wool the World), and I were having one of our woolly yarny conversations when the word Poncho was first mentioned. Antje said how much she loves wearing Poncho’s and how much she would like one made using her #frauenberlins yarn. “Ok I said, I design you one I said!”

A few days later a parcel full of Yarn was sent from Berlin to me in Wales and I began playing around with some ideas. Like all the different shades of the #frauenberlins yarn, we decided that the Poncho should have a nod to Berlin. A number of swatches and sketches later, chatting through ideas and more swatches, the Victoria Poncho was born and it is with great pleasure that I can introduce it to you today.

The Frauen Berlins yarns not only tell stories about individually well-known women from Berlin, to me they also represent colours of Berlin in many different ways. From the turbulent and colourful 1920’s, through troubled & divided times after the 2nd World War and finally re-unification & unity in 1990, Berlin has always been a melting pot of historic events.

The Victoria Poncho design was inspired by Berlin and the merging of cultures and events through history. Named after Victoria, the Roman goddess of Victory, who stands in her chariot on top of the Brandenburg Gate and is a symbol of unity by merging the former East and West Berlin’s together, the Poncho shows unity by merging two yarns together.
Draco, a 100% Merino Wool and Virgo, a fine 72% Kid Mohair/28% Silk Yarn, together these two yarns stand for luxurious warmth, giving you the feeling of being enveloped in the softest hug.

Refined and easy to wear, ponchos are an ideal garment for all seasons. They have been worn by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic time and are now considered typical South American garments.

Victoria Poncho is a striking design that lends itself to unique colour combinations, drapes the body and is easily achieved by beginners, while offering enough interest for the more seasoned knitters alike.

Be bold and colourful or classically understated, the choice is yours!

Antje has put together some beautiful kits which include the pattern, or you can let your imagination run freely and choose your own. This is the way to her online store: Wool the World

Stay safe and take good care in these uncertain times xx