This and That

dear diary,

as always the weekend went in a flash, why is that?

I had a really good workshop at ‘A Good Yarn’ in Cleethorpes on Saturday. As always Kate made everyone very welcome and for once she was able to participate herself…hurrah! We did ‘the continental’ all day and there were cakes too thanks to Michelle who’s birthday it was.

I love going to A Good Yarn as I always find something that I don’t see anywhere else I go, and this time was no different. Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive I spotted this lovely Sublime Lustrous Extra Fine Merino Yarn, it has subtle added sparkle and I thought it perfect for a small cabled shoulder wrap to take on Safari to South Africa later in the year. It will keep the chill off when on early morning Game drives.

I just love this soft caramel colour…yummy!

Yesterday there was great excitement in the garden for my four legged companion (Max), this little chap has moved in to his patch…

…not sure if I call him brave or dumb moving to Jack Russel territory. Time will tell!

So it is the beginning of a new week. The weather man promises sunshine and warmth, daughter is on last leg of exams, I have finished almost all new square designs for next Afghan installment and flowers in garden are looking fabulous.

I just hope the sun keeps shining for Woolfest in Cumbria. I am going with my fave loopy knitting friends…