the story of three blankets

dear diary,

Why is it that the day has only 24 hours and the week has only 7 days?? Somehow I don’t think I am alone in wishing that there were more hours in a day and more days in a week, just think how much more knitting, crocheting and sewing we could get done…well we can all dream can’t we?

For some reason this doesn’t seem to be the only thing I dream about! High on the list seems to be that I think I should be crocheting a blanket or two (or three). So here are the three works in progress…

First there is the Afghan Star blanket made entirely by using up my Stash of Rowan Milk & Organic Cotton. After about 45 squares I got side-tracked with a lot of other projects…

Afghan Star Blanket 2

afghan star blanket – rowan milk & organic cotton

…then there is the ‘homely blanket’ for ‘my girl’ which, as you know, has turned into the ‘homely blanket quest’. I am doing OK on this one and keep telling myself that I have got more than a year before ‘my girl’ goes off to Uni, and that I can take my time to come up with new, or variations of, designs. This is the story so far (note: not all squares you see have been released as patterns yet)…

homely blanket at 15 May 2013 blog

‘homely blanket’ – rico creative cotton aran & rowan cotton glace

…number three is Valerie’s Hexagon Project 2013. Now Valerie is a great crocheter who’s name regularly appears in Simply Crochet Magazine and has been a friend for some time. Last year she took part in my Afghan Knit-along and when she told me about her Hexagon Project I was keen, but first instincts told me not to start another blanket project. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the knitting group that Valerie is part of and saw Rhiana’s Hexagon blanket wip (work in progress)…well you guessed it…I just had to become part of this crochet-along as I had just the perfect yarn for it. Lovely Vintage shades of slightly mercerised cotton from Denmark. I am loving it and this is what I have done so far…

Hexagon Project May 2013

hexagon project 2013 – svartafaret tilda & Louisa harding mariposa

…pretty don’t you think? Unlike the other two which are crocheted together, I thought I would be a bit different this time in assembling the blanket. I am using Louisa Harding’s Mariposa yarn to over-stitch the Hexagon’s together, thus making a feature of the seam. I am very pleased with the way this is turning out and can’t wait for square number three to be released. There will be seven Hexagon designs in total which will make this one very special project indeed.

Why not have a go yourself by participating in either the ‘homely blanket quest’ here on Made with Loops, or the Hexagon Project 2013 which can be found on Valerie’s Agrarian Artisan Design Group page on Ravelry. Both projects are free, so come on have a go and join in the fun.

Blanket Collection

three blankets