the ‘homely blanket’ quest – square 28

dear diary,

I am sorry that I have neglected you all, but these past two weeks have been manic. Firstly, I had a few large orders to complete and secondly ‘my girl’ was very poorly last week, and even at 18 needed a lot of Mum time.

But here is the good news…I am back with what I hope, will be a square you will really love, as it has many uses. I thought it was about time to build some texture into our blanket, and this week will be the start of a few textured squares to come.

Quest Square 28

Stitch explained: Front Post treble (FPtr) – Insert hook around st on row below from right to left, pushing st to front of hook. Work st as usual.

This patterns uses a multiple of 3sts.

For our square chain 30

Row 1: 1tr in 4th ch from hook and every ch along – turn

Row 2: 3ch, *1tr around front post of each of next 2sts (FPtr), 1tr in next st; rep. from * ending 1tr in last st – turn

Row 3: 3ch, *1tr in each of next 2sts, FPtr in next st; rep. from * ending FPtr in last st – turn

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have worked a total of 17 rows.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Quest Square 28.1

Try a combination of two or more colours for this square, or make the square larger to use as a face or dish cloth. They make great gifts if given with a lovely piece of soap.

Enjoy! xx