the ‘homely blanket’ quest – square 21

dear diary,

another week, another square. We are now just over half way working on our ‘homely blanket’s’ and mine is certainly beginning to look pretty lovely and colourful. Just as soon as I have sewn on the latest few squares I will post an updated photo for you to see.

This week we have some more popcorns to do…

Quest Square 21

rico creative cotton aran – 4mm hook

Popcorn (PC) explained: Work 5tr into same space, drop loop from hook and insert hook from front to back through top of first st in the popcorn yarn into dropped loop, yarn over and pull through the two loops on hook.

8ch, ss to form a ring.

Rnd 1: *PC, 5ch; rep. from * 3 times, ss to join.

Rnd 2: *[2tr, 2ch, PC, 2ch, 2tr] into 5ch of prev. rnd; rep. from *3 times, ss to join. Fasten off and join new colour at same space.

Rnd 3: 3ch, 1tr in each of next 2sts, *3tr into next 2ch sp, 4ch, 3tr into next 2ch sp**, 1tr in each of the next 4sts; rep. from * 2 times and then from * to ** once more, 1tr in next next st, ss to join.

Rnd 4: 3ch, 1tr in each of next 4sts, *[2tr, 3ch, 2tr] in corner sp, **1tr in next 9sts; rep. from * 2 times and then from * to ** once more, 1tr in each of next 4sts, ss to join.

Rnd 5: 1ch, work 1dc in each st around, working 3dc into corner spaces.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Quest Square 21.1

rowan cotton glace – 3mm hook

Enjoy! xx

PS: I will be in the Greek Islands for the next 10 days, taking in the delights of the Mediterranean sun and sea as well as spending time re-charging batteries and soaking up new inspiration. There will be no square next weekend, so plenty of time for you all to catch up. 🙂

I will keep a journal and post lots of photos on Instagram while there. xx