the ‘homely blanket’ quest – square 14

dear diary,

As you know I have had major issues with my website over the last few days. Last Friday when I came to write the post about square 14 everything vanished during an automatic WordPress Themes update. As you can imagine I was in shock…first I cried and then I got angry when, after I spoke to my web host provider to find out this was a WordPress problem, WordPress themselves didn’t want to know and simply passed the buck back to host provider.

After a considerably long phone call back to them, and speaking to a very nice and helpful chap, he suggested to delete the theme I was using (even though I had paid for it) and try a different theme. Hence the website has a new look which might change over time as this one doesn’t give me as many options as I would like.

Having managed to retrieve my content and most of my photos I came across the next problem of not being able to upload any photos. I send another request of help to WordPress, but when I got up with the birds this morning I still hadn’t heard anything back (that,s 2 days later). So I sat down with a good strong cup of tea and thought about it all a bit more and did this: Some research into Internet Explorer versus other browsers found that Internet Explorer 10, which I was using without me knowing as it had updated itself automatically, seems to be causing many problems. I deleted said browser and installed Google Chrome and blow me down… it all seems to be working.

The Moral of this story…if you want anything done best do it yourself as it’s the only sure way to fix it!

I hope I am back on track now and that you will bear with me during the next few weeks whilst I try and get this site back to the way I like it.

and finally here is square 14…

Quest Square 14 and 14.1

6ch, ss to form a ring

Rnd 1: 1ch, 16dc into ring, ss to join.

Rnd 2: 6ch (count as 1tr, 3ch), skip 2sts, *1tr in next st, 3ch, skip 1st; rep. from * 7 times, ss to join. (8 petal loops)

Fasten off, join in new colour at any 3ch loop.

Rnd 3: [1dc, 1htr, 3tr, 1htr, 1dc] into each 3ch sp around, ss to join. (8 petals)

Fasten off, join in first colour between 2dc’s from prev. rnd.

Rnd 4: 1ch, 1dc in same sp, 6ch, *1dc, between next 2dc’s from prev. rnd. , 6ch; rep from * around, ss to join. (8 petal loops)

Rnd 5: 1ch, [1dc, 1htr, 5tr, 1htr, 1dc] in each 6ch sp around, ss to join. (8 petals)

Fasten off, join in new colour in 2nd tr from prev rnd.

Rnd 6: 1ch, 1dc in same sp, 6ch, skip 2tr, 1dc in next st, *6ch, 1dc in 2nd tr of next petal, 6ch, skip 2tr, 1dc in next st; rep from * around, ss to join.

Rnd 7: ss into 6ch sp, 3ch, 2tr, 2ch, 3tr into 6ch sp (corner made), *[4ch, 1dc in next 6ch sp] 3 times, 4ch, [3tr, 2ch, 3tr] in next 6ch sp; rep from * around, ss to join. (4 corners)

Rnd 8: *1ch, 1dc in next 3tr, [2dc, 1ch, 2dc] in corner sp, 1dc in next 3tr, [3dc in next 4ch sp] 4 times; rep from * around, ss to join.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Enjoy! xx