the ‘homely blanket’ quest – general info

dear diary,

First of all I want to say how wonderful it is that so many of you have joined this crochet along and more are joining almost on a daily basis. I have made many new friends via the blog and also via Instagram and I feel very privileged to be sharing this project with so many enthusiastic and talented people from around the world…Thank you!

This started as my own little project to work on during the next few month’s before ‘my girl’ leaves home. I want to give her something that she can hug and feel warm with when she feels a little homesick. I never thought it would grow into this wonderful friendship like crochet along.

Some of you have been asking general questions about this project and as much as I love answering you individually, it seems that it is quicker this way and hopefully I cover most of the important bits (let me know if you need more info).

What yarn do I use:

Rico Box

I use mostly two brands of cotton yarn for all the squares of this blanket, Rico Creative Cotton Aran and Rowan Cotton Glace, which is a 4ply yarn.

Crochet or sewn together?

I crochet my squares together using double crochet, and all are done using ivory creative cotton aran.

How many squares?

I am trying to release one square per week done in two versions. One in aran and one in 4ply weight. This means the blanket will grow quite quickly and we will be done by the end of the year.

Work as you go or wait to end?

I crochet mine together as I go. This gives me an idea of the look that I want to achieve as I am able to tell which colours I need to use more (or less) of and what sort of style the squares need to be to achieve a balanced look.

Different sizes – why?

I want to make a gypsy style blanket that doesn’t stick to uniformed size or colour theories. I learned from the great master (Kaffe Fassett) to be open minded and free, and that’s what I try and portray with this blanket design. Mine will be quite hotch-potchy, but that’s the way I want it to be. If this scares you or is not for you, don’t worry. You can make it the way you want, that’s the beauty of this. By using only one style of yarn the squares will be the same size and by choosing more of a colour coordination the look will be very different.

Crochet Terms:

I am using standard UK crochet terms.


These squares are either totally my own designs or in some cases I have used something I saw as the basis and re-worked it to my own liking. As this is a crochet along I don’t mind you sharing for others to take part, but PLEASE ask them to subscribe to the blog and follow me on Instagram or Facebook (all links are on the right hand side).  It is lovely for me to see how many of you are joining in the fun.


Please leave lots of comments here or any of the other places, and I love to see lots of photos too. In case you have missed it, here is how my blanket looks so far (minus the last 3 squares):

homely blanket at 15 May 2013 blog


If I have forgotten anything please just ping me…I hope you enjoy making all the squares. Have fun! xx