walking snowdonia

dear diary,



Last Friday ‘my man’ and I decided to get out there and do some hill walking. We hadn’t really been all year, all we had done was talk about it…! The weather forecast was favourable, boots, rucksacks, walking sticks, map etc. were packed and sandwiches made, and ‘my man’ had worked out the route.



The alarm went off early on Saturday morning, but clearly not early enough, as when we got up to Pen-y-Pass car park too many others had the same idea and there were no spaces left. After a quick re-think by ‘my man’, who knows Snowdonia like the back of his hand, a U-turn was made and a new route decided upon.


Our walk took us around Llyn Idwal (middle name of ‘my man’), up past Idwal slabs and Devil’s Kitchen. We decided not to climb all the way up to Y Garn as we hadn’t done any serious hill stuff all year and this was supposed to be fun not agony. Not sure if any of you lovely ‘peeps’ have ever been to Snowdonia National Park? Let me tell you that the air is clean and crisp, the streams and lakes crystal clear and the scenery stunningly breathtaking.

We felt happy and invigorated by the time we got back to the car and ready to tackle a new week. We even found something resembling ‘Middle Earth’…

Middle Earth

Next stop for these boots…


…climbing Snowdon. xx

A sunny week

dear diary,

for the first time in ages I have enjoyed my daily walks with Max this week. Lately the fields around me have been water logged and very soggy to walk in, no fun at all. All change this week, we have had frosty mornings…

My House

Where I live (you can just see my house)

…with bright sunshine.

Me shadow


Max and I have really enjoyed feeling the crisp air in our lungs and the warm sunshine on our backs…


Max enjoys the warm rays


First time in ages my boots aren’t muddy

…and all this warm sunshine has encouraged first signs of life in my garden.

First Flowers

First sign of Spring in my garden

This week has also seen the birthday celebration of a dear friend held during our knitting group…


Yarn filled Candy Jar – Gift for my friend

…and what would a week be without a little crochet 😉


Crochet Spring Flower Keyring

Best of all…the weatherman says it’s going to be lovely for another week. Fingers crossed! 🙂