the story of a blanket – the big ta-dah

TaDa Collage 1

Well, here it is!! The big reveal moment of my Vintage Blanket has finally arrived. To say that I am a little bit in love is a complete understatement of the fact that I absolutely love the blanket and will find it very hard to part with.



I have truly enjoyed every step of the journey and we have become firm friends during the numerous hours we spent together. Many happy thoughts have been worked into every loop I crochet and I think the final result does not disappoint. What do you think? Do you like her, and would you like to make one for yourself?


Hurrah hurrah…you can!!!  I will post the pattern, including yarn amounts and how-to’s next Friday here on the blog. So make sure you are a subscriber and watch this space.


Until then go and have a look at all the delicious colours available in this beautiful yarn here, and start planning your colours!

Happy times – Enjoy!


the story of a blanket – part 2

Blanket Update Collage 1

During the last few days my little mountains of squares grew and grew, and everyday the assembly line has become a little longer. It has been such a joy to work with this yarn, so much so that in my head I have already lined up a few more projects.


Yesterday I decided to have a little rest from making squares, I thought it would be nice to give each one of them a final round of uplifting colour and then I started to lay them out randomly. Now, anyone who has ever made a blanket using different coloured squares knows how difficult it is to be really random when laying out the colours. A little while ago, when looking around in the cyberworld for some ideas, I came across a most useful link. A link so useful that it has totally revolutionised my ability to become utterly random with the layout of my blanket squares. Would you all like to be enlightened…I bet you would!! So here it is, the granny square generator!

For this blanket I put in number of squares per row followed by number of total rows. Then I added the different colours, pressed the magic button called Generate…and presto I had my random layout!

Here it is:


Isn’t it fantastic! Well I think so anyway, and here, at just about the halfway point, is my Vintage Blanket…

Blanket Update Collage 2

I have got a few more squares made already and the assembly line is growing again. I am hopeful that the blanket will be finished this time next week for it’s very own big Tadah moment. Hopefully our beautiful autumnal sunshine weather of late will hold long enough so that I can sit on my bench with a completed blanket keeping me warm.



So there you have it, the story so far.

Have a lovely colourfully happy weekend, I am off to make more squares.


this week at made with loops

a few colourful shots of the week just gone…


monday – my donation to a raffle organised in aid of breast cancer awareness – to donate and be in with a chance to win this shawl or one of the other wonderful prizes visit: – Thank you x


tuesday – a little bit of spring from holland

Gwendolen Shawl gp still 2

wednesday – gwendolen shawl now available as single pattern


friday – happy post arrived from silly old suitcase in holland and really cheered me up at the end of a rather gloomy week


s…is for saturday and stripes


sunday – square number six for my crochet mood blanket 2014

I designed this weeks square to represent ice and snow at the Winter Olympics. Using ice blue, neutral and grey, and incorporating some of my favourite stitches, Puff and Bullion Stitch, it stands for cool and receding.

I have named it Sochi, and you can now find the pattern under drop-down menu Crochet Mood Blanket at the top menu bar.

Wishing you all a wonderful week to come.

Enjoy! x



the week that was…


It’s hard to believe, but it is that time of year again when the Rowan Magazine pops through your letter box, if you are a Rowan Member that is. As always, the front cover looks very inviting, but somehow I can’t get myself in the mood to think about summer projects just yet, so I have only had a wee quick peek inside.

Two designs jump right at me as the sort of thing I would want to make…

Rowan Buoy

… buoy by Lisa Richardson, a crochet design using Wool Cotton 4ply…

Rowan Consurla

…and Consuela by Grace Melville, knitted using Cotton Glace and Summerspun. Both styles immediately appealed to me, as they are simple and stylish classic shapes that can be worn for many seasons to come.

The magazine is packed with the usual ample amount of designs, as well as interesting feature stories, one being all about the Irish crochet lace renaissance, which looks most fascinating. I must make time to read it all in detail.

The highlight find this week, whilst browsing in one of the charity shops in town, was this gem of a book…

Gentle Art

…I had been after a copy for a while, but hadn’t managed to find one before (well, there was one for sale for over £200 at a well known on-line retailer!!). As a huge fan of Jane Brocket, I own most of her books and read her blog regularly. Her style of writing is informative with a good sense of humour, and visually everything is pure delight, so you can imagine how pleased I was to find this book for a couple of pounds…Yippee!!!


This is a fabulously charming book, full of all life’s good things…family, knitting, cooking, crochet, chicken and plants, all presented in Jane’s inimitable style. There is even a section on socks…


If you ever see a copy of this book, I urge you to purchase, you won’t regret!

Last, but by no means least, it was week four of the crochet mood blanket 2014, and this week was all about a sophisticated approach to work and a daring change for me. My square is purple and lilac to reflect that mood.

You can read all about it and find the pattern using the drop-down menu at the top.

Enjoy! x

the ‘homely blanket’ quest – square 34

dear diary,

3rd Advent

It’s the third Advent weekend and time for the second last square of the ‘homely blanket’ quest. Only one more square to go…almost impossible to believe I know, and then comes the dreaded sewing up.

I thought we stay with the festive theme for this week’s square. I have called it “A Christmas Rose”, I do so hope you like it. The square is made up of two separate pieces, this gives you the opportunity to make the Rose in different colours and use as a brooch, or use to decorate your Christmas gifts.

Quest Square 34.1

The Square:

Using A ch 4, ss to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch5 (counts as 1tr+2ch), [3tr, 2ch] 3 times into ring, 2tr into ring, ss to 3rd of 5ch.

Rnd 2: Ss to 2ch sp, 7ch (counts as 1tr+4ch), *2tr in same sp, 1tr into each tr across side of square, **2tr into next 2ch sp, 4ch; rep. from * twice and from * to **once more, 1tr into last 2ch sp, ss to 3rd of 7ch.

Rnd 3: Ss to 4ch sp, 7ch (counts as 1tr+4ch), *2tr in same sp, 1tr into each tr across side of square, **2tr into next 4ch sp, 4ch; rep. from * twice and from * to ** once more, 1tr into last 4ch sp, ss to 3rd of 7ch.

Rnd 4: Repeat Rnd 3 – Fasten off A

Rnd 5: Join B at any tr of prev. rnd. – 1dc in each tr across sides of square, [2dc, 2ch, 2dc] in each corner – Fasten off B

Rnd 6: Join C at any dc of prev. rnd – 1dc in each dc across sides of square, 3dc’s in each corner – Fasten off C

Quest Square 34

The Rose:

With B ch48

Petals 1-3: Miss 3ch, 1tr in each of next 2ch, 2ch, ss in next ch, [3ch, 1tr in each of next 2ch, 2ch, ss in next ch] 2 times

Petals 4-8: [4ch, 1dtr in each of next 4ch, 3ch, ss in next ch] 5 times

Making up: Starting with smaller petals and stitching as you go, coil the row of petals and sew into shape. Attach to square by stitching it down or attach a pin.

Have a lovely crafting weekend. Enjoy x