a few new things

Hello my lovelies…I am back home! Well, I have been back for a few days, working hard on some long overdue changes to this, my creative space in cyberland…

The biggest change is the way I sell all those lovely Made with Loops goodies. Everything will now be sold directly via my brand new Etsy shop. I used to have all sorts of problems selling patterns via this blog. It was often very challenging to sort out all those technical issues, hopefully everything will run smoothly from now…fingers crossed.


As well as my patterns, you can find other lovely things in this new little Bazar of mine…

Yarn 1

…it’s a work in progress, so please be gentle and patient with me. There are various links on here for you to get to the Bazar directly, one is in the Menu bar at the top, and then there are a couple of links in the sidebar. Whichever way you prefer, I hope you will take a little look and let me know what you think, any requests are also very welcome.

Opening the Made with Loops Bazar also gave me the chance to have a little overall re-vamp of the blog, and I hope you like what I have done?

The other exciting bit of news I have to share: I have just officially launched the Sorbetto Shawl in Germany.

This is a co-production with my fabulously inspiring friend Claudia of Wollsin (www.wollsin.de). Claudia is the sort of friend who will enthusiastically involve herself in a creative idea and come up with the most amazing colour ways to support this. A master dyer and seller of Isager Yarns, she has come up with some fabulous colour combinations for the Sorbetto Shawl, which together with the pattern will be sold as a Shawl Kit via her website.

Sorbetto Colours Collage




Sorbetto Collage copy


Should you not wish to purchase a whole kit, the pattern for the shawl is available in German and English at the Made with Loops Bazar.

I am really excited about this launch and hope Sorbetto will be loved on the German speaking market just as much as here.

There will be a few more bits of news in the coming few posts, so watch this space.

For today…I leave you with (from left to right):

Rosamunde – Violetta – Im Wald – Sommerrose – Strawberry





Introducing – The Sorbetto Shawl




Meet my latest design…the Sorbetto Shawl! I am quietly proud of this latest ‘baby’ of mine and I so hope you will like it too. I have been working on this for a little while, and some of you who see my photos on Instagram have had small glimpses during the process.

I used some Handmaiden Camelspin, a lushes 70% Silk/30% Camel yarn bought during my last trip to New York, and some Dibadu 100% Silk bought in Germany for this sample. The shawl is buttery soft against the skin, and the drape is simply amazing. Knitted using 4mm needles, it grows really quickly and using garter stitch throughout makes it a fairly fast project. The simple lace edging is achievable even by newbie’s to lace knitting, and it shows off the shape and colours of the shawl to it’s full potential.

Whether you drape it over your shoulders in the cool evening breeze or wear it pashmina style around your neck, it is the perfect accessory to keep in your bag for anytime you need a little extra warmth. The shape of the shawl makes it easy to wear and very adaptable, no matter what the occasion. Make it as shown using three colours, or use a single shade only. It can also be easily adapted to other yarn weights, giving you plenty of options to personalise it to your individual style.

Light, soft and easy as eating sorbet on a summer’s day, this crescent shaped shawl is the perfect pick-me-up for any wardrobe. You can make your very own version by downloading the pattern now…just one click away…Here!