fabulous friday follies – 1

Biljana Kovale Wrap - purchase in her Etsy shop

Biljana Kovale Wrap – purchase from her Etsy Shop

Biljana Kovale Necklace - purchase from her Etsy Shop

Biljana Kovale Necklace – purchase from her Etsy Shop

Have you seen the amazing designs by Biljana Kovale on Etsy? Biljana is from Serbia and her eye for colour, combined with her unique style is awe-inspiring. Go and check out her shop here


I am totally in love with this yarn…it’s called Stone Washed by Scheepjeswol, a fabulous Dutch yarn brand finally available in the UK at online retailer Deramores. This is a great yarn for many projects, but I think it is absolutely perfect for blankets. The yarn is super soft, comes in eight beautiful shades, and is a total pleasure to work with.

Tote Bag by Die Elberbsen - purchase from Dewanda Shop

Die Elberbsen Tote Bag – purchase from their Dewanda Shop

Die Elberbsen fabulous Purse - purchase from Dewanda Shop

Die Elberbsen Purse – purchase from their Dewanda Shop

I don’t know about you, but I am a real lover of items made from fabulous fabrics. I admire designers who have an eye for amazing colour and pattern combinations. A couple of weeks ago I came across just one of those talented designers when browsing online market place Dawanda.

Tanja from near Hamburg in Germany, originally a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and now working as a freelance Textile & Print Designer, started label ‘Die Elberbsen’ in 2008. Her distinctive style using an eclectic mix of pattern and colour has made her a firm favourite of mine already. As well as selling ready made items you can also purchase the patterns to make yourself. Go and visit her here.

Friday Finds is the second of my new weekly posts, and I am really getting into the regularity of it all. I had never thought of planning my blog posts before, but the knowledge of what I am going to do when is comforting and stops me from having panicky days of thinking what to write about next.

I hope you will enjoy this ‘new me’ too!

Have a lovely weekend all.


NB: None of the above products were sponsored in any way.

the story of an old cardigan

dear diary,

Most of you would have seen pictures on the television about the snow-chaos that gripped the UK yet again during the past week or so. I usually smile about the exaggeration in these reports, as mostly there really isn’t a lot of snow on the ground to get all tizzed about (well, not in comparison with the amount of snow we get where I come from). It was a very different story this time as even in our, usually lucky from too much snow fall valley, we were hit hard.

WEATHER - Snow in Flintshire on Friday. Snow drifting at Calcoed

denbighshire march 2013 – courtesy of the daily post newspaper

WEATHER - Snow in Flintshire on Friday. Monastery Road in Pantasaph

flintshire march 2013 – courtesy of daily post newspaper

It was almost impossible to think of Spring and Easter looking out of our windows, the only reminders being school holidays starting and shivering just born lambs in the fields around us.

I had been working continuously on my next book over the last few weeks as well as the ‘homely blanket’ quest, and needed a wee break from it all. Thinking of what to make that would be very different from my usual knitted or crochet items I remembered seeing something in the April issue of Country Living Magazine that had caught my eye.


country living magazine april 2013


simple things to make – country living magazine 2013


simple things to make – country living magazine 2013

Sarah Moore has a monthly section in the Magazine called ‘Simple Makes’ in which she introduces new, and not overly difficult, items to make to us the reader. These bunnies had caught my eye when reading the magazine and I knew just the person to make one for…’my girl’. She would love it I was pretty sure…she loves bunnies!

Having had a clear out of some old jumpers and other stuff recently I went in search for the best thing to use. To my surprise the bag full of unwanted items held this old cardigan which couldn’t have been more perfect as ‘my girl’ loves pink.


old cardigan

In all the excitement I totally forgot to take photos during the making process…silly me. At times it was a bit fiddly, poking through the arms and ears of the bunny and then trying to sew the last bit of the seam neatly after filling it, but I got there in the end. Using dried wheat and lavender as the filling this little bunny can lie on ‘my girls’ bed and scent her pillow to aid sleep at night and as the finishing touch a crochet mini heart will let her know how much I love her.

What do you think…

IMG_2311 (2)

easter bunny made from above old cardigan

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

PS: You can find many inspirational ideas in Sarah Moore’s book and monthly in Country Living Magazine.


beautiful ideas by sarah moore

My quilting adventures (Block one)

dear diary,

Ever since the day when ‘my man’ gave me a beautiful book on making Welsh Quilts have I wanted to learn how to. Living in Wales and loving history as much as I do, I feel it is absolutely essential that I make one of these traditional patterned quilts for our home here in the beautiful Welsh mountains. As always, time is an issue, but when my dear friend Jackie mentioned about a course on learning how to quilt spread over a period of almost a year, I thought it’s now or never. My quilting adventure started yesterday.

Quilt Book

gift from ‘my man’

I arrived at Liberty Bell in Chester and was greeted by the lovely Sue, owner of this Aladdin’s cave of fabric and notions heaven, and quilting expert.

She showed me to my place and I found this…


my fabric bundle

…which when I unrolled it looked like this…


fabric spread out

Sue then showed me what I was going to make…


first block

…really??? I was beginning to panic. Faced with so much fabric, a cutting mat and rotary blade, all measurements in inches (as you know we don’t do inches in mainland Europe), terminology like ‘walking foot’ and applique…my head was spinning.

There was really no need as Sue is an incredibly patient and kind teacher and soon I was cutting, pressing, stitching and taking endless notes.

Before long I had managed to make this…



…which soon turned into these lovely pinwheels…



…and eventually turned into the bottom strip of my block.

Bottom Strip

bottom strip

I was best pleased with how much sewing I managed to do and on top of that I cut out all my applique bits and started on putting them together.

This course has six sessions making nine blocks to produce an stunning quilt the size to fit a single bed. This is what it will eventually look like, just different colours.

Quilt Pic 2

the finished quilt – eventually

I am a long way from my dream of making a Welsh Quilt, but I feel that this dream has potential of becoming reality one day in the not too distant future. 🙂