Hello Spring (and a comfort blanket)

Can you smell it?

If you go outside, around the block or your daily walk (or run) in the park or forest, you can smell and feel it. Spring is finally here.

It blooms everywhere and smells deliciously of small spring blossoms and the warming earth. Little green leaves and buds are about to burst open everywhere. Nature takes its usual course, regardless of our current world turmoil and social circumstances.

It is a somehow comforting picture don’t you think?

The world seams to be both on pause and on hyperdrive, but my fingers are busy at their usual pace. 

Somehow I don’t seem to be able to concentrate long on one thing, instead flitting between projects and sometimes just tinkering. My knitting needles tick-tick-tick in rhythm as my hands move them through the dance of stitches that will become a jumper, socks or just samples. Everything is different around me, but this is the same. These fingers, this yarn, this movement.

The world is on pause, but not the clock and the days march forward. The calendar keeps turning pages as it waits for no one, it keeps on going, so I keep going too.

I put the kettle on and make another cup of tea. Connecting with my family and friends is often done in different, more creative ways and I never would have thought that seeing them on a screen could fill me with such joy.

I knit my worries into the yarn I hold because there’s nowhere else for them to go. I try and remember to keep laughing and finding positives, no matter how small they might be.

To help me through this difficult time I have started a blanket – I call it my lockdown blanket. Using one base colour (blue) and lots of random colours of yarn I have in my stash, simple garter stitch provides a soothing rhythm of tick – tick – tick .

In case you like this idea of meditation, here is the simple how to:

My Yarn is a combination of Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK (the base colour) and Rowan Wool Cotton (the random colours). I am using a 3.75mm long circular needle and cast on 200 stitches. Working in garter stitch throughout I alternate between the base and random colour every 2 rows, feeding the yarn up the side and start a new random colour when a complete ball is finished. To be completely random I do not choose the next colour but instead I just put my hand into the bag and pull the next ball out.

When finished the blanket will be approximately 95cm wide and 170cm long, a good size to snuggle under. However, you can make it any size you like by simply adding or subtracting stitches and rows.

Everything is different around me, but some things are the same: These hands and this yarn, and the clicking of my needles as I knit on. 

Until soon, stay safe and well xo.

mindful monday – rowan

IMG_1348 It is no secret that I love Rowan, especially autumn and winter Rowan. So when the latest knitting & crochet magazine get’s delivered by my wonderful postman Fred, it calls for a good cup of tea and some ME time to indulge, and today I want to indulge you too…

Rowan Collage

Magazine 56 – ailish, craggie, tanja, roan and heike

Wilderness - detail of roan, fyn and ness

Wilderness – detail of roan, fyn and ness

Yet again Rowan does not disappoint. Magazine 56 is packed full of designs that are instantly recognisable as true Rowan style. Colours, textures, styling and location of the photo-shoots shout Britishness in classic traditional, yet contemporary style. As always, the magazine is divided into three stories.

Wilderness, inspired by open and dramatic landscapes includes a collection of women’s and men’s knits with a distinctive Scottish influence throughout. Jumpers and cardigans in heathery colours, plaid and fair isle patterns, as well as cabled textures tell a story of warmth and comfort.

Craftwork - franziska, gisela and tanja

Craftwork – franziska, gisela and tanja

Craftwork, is a story heavily influenced by the arts and craft movement, most specifically the Bauhaus style from Germany.The collection features feminine designs and is a celebration of colour, pattern and texture.

Essentials - muse, verse and stanza

Essentials – muse, verse and stanza

Essentials, is an easy to wear, simple style collection, shown in neutral, soft colours and using on-trend up to the minute design features. Shapes and textures as seen during the latest catwalk shows make for must-make pieces.

British Sanquhar gloves by Angharad Thomas

British Sanquhar gloves by Angharad Thomas

As well as the three design stories, the magazine is packed with the usual historical stories that we have become accustomed to. This time, the history of Sanquhar Knitting  has us gripped as it tells the story of British glove knitting.

If you aren’t a subscriber to the twice yearly magazine yet I highly recommend it to you, or maybe becoming a Row@n member is more up your street…it’s totally free, you can sign up here…go on what are you waiting for!

I know what I will be making…


…franziska, a design by Galina Carroll, knitted in my favourite yarn of all Rowan yarns…Felted Tweed.

I have ordered the yarn and it should be delivered any day now, so watch this space!



NB: All photos taken from Rowan Magazine 56 – this is not a sponsored post.