#retreatlog2017 – day six

All too soon the last evening came to a close, but not before we had given out certificates, brooches for taking part and tipped our wonderful chef Tomas and his lovely wife Miska handsomely for all their hard work.

Claudia was the very happy recipient of the give-away pack of my Shetland Wave Hap pattern and The Little Grey Sheep yarn, and we were all completely bowled over by Marion’s ability of 3D short row shaping (see the cat in top centre collage).

A little bleary eyed we enjoyed a last breakfast together before everyone was collected to be taken back down the mountain to Geneva airport for their journey’s home in various directions.

One last knit-in at the airport and we say:

Safe travels and thank you for being part of an amazing week of colour, yarn and friendship.

Auf Wiedersehen – Good Bye – Au Revoir … see you at our 2018 Retreat in Wales!

Big Hugs, Heike and Claudia


#retreatlog2017 – day five

Surely not…it can’t be…the last day already!!!! The week has flown by, here are some more impressions of our fabulous week…

Days one and two…getting acquainted and the beginnings of short rows.

Days three and four…hiking, medieval towns and working on projects.

Day five…colour theory and how to make chosen photo into knitted fabric.

Soon we will all get together for our last evening, starting with canapés and champagne, followed by last delicious meal cooked for us by our wonderful chef Tomas.

This will be followed by a show and tell, and I can’t wait to see and hear what everyone has to say and show about the past week.

I know one thing…

…Claudia would like to drive home in this!


#retreatlog2017 – day four

Day four and the day started with one on one lessons of new found friends helping each other.

Soon we were all back in the classroom learning about our body measurements and how to apply these to working out our own knitting patterns.

Even the maestro was hard at work planning a lovely jumper using Emma’s Hampshire Yarn (www.thelittlegreysheep.co.uk). The sleeves are almost done!

Our lovely guests have been hard at work and the cowl project using short rows is coming along really well.

I love how every cowl uses the same pattern but looks so different because of the different colour combinations.

After such hard work we all appreciate the delicious meals our fabulous chefs Miska and Tomas prepare for us every evening. Today I had to go on an 8 km power hike just to make sure that all these calories don’t attach themselves to me too much.

But how could one possibly resist this!

Until tomorrow!


knitting retreat 2017 – packed and ready


After months of planning and lots of organisation this year’s knitting retreat is almost upon us. My bags are packed, a huge box of yarn from Claudia (www.wollsinn.de) is ready to go and all other bits and bobs have been collated. Three of us are setting off from Wales early tomorrow morning traveling by car to the French Alps where this years retreat takes place. We will drive 850 miles there and 850 miles back, stopping over in France for a night.

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

I will be knitting socks when not driving (any tips on how to drive & knit at the same time?), and hoping to finish a pair by the time I come back. I have of course packed yarn for other projects too, and I am hoping to start my #jojimysterykal whilst there.

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

these are my colours

Over the next 12 days or so I will keep a retreat diary, posting lots of photos and short bits of writing. This is the first entry of the #retreatlog2017. Hopefully you join me in our adventure…I am very excited!

I just managed to finish my #nordicwindshawl by @cabinfour in time for this trip. So pleased with the way it has turned out and using Einrum yarn was absolutely the right decision. The shawl is super soft and almost weightless.

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

Early bed for me I think…see you on the road tomorrow!