luca poncho – the pattern

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Thank you for following my journey during the making of the Luca Poncho. Today, as promised, I want to share the pattern with you.

Many of you know how much I like using colour in both knitting and crochet, with all stranded colour work being a special love of mine. For this poncho I used a very simple, yet effective, slip stitch pattern. A perfect project for anyone just starting out with using more than one colour, or maybe you just want to have a relaxing project to work on during the Christmas holidays.

Whatever the case, I hope you will enjoy working on my take of an all time favourite using this most wonderfully soft and luscious yarn. Make it using my colour choice or pick your own from the very large palette of Luca Yarn here.

The pattern is absolutely FREE for you to download right HERE

Enjoy! X.

luca poncho – the big tah-dah


luca yarn – ready for sample swatching

Poncho Collage 3

Tah-Dah…!!! Here it is – the Luca Poncho…

Inspiration + Planning + Yarn Colour Selection + Swatching  + Knitting (a lot of knitting) = One finished Project!

I am loving every bit of it! Starting with the beautiful yarn, Luca from Scheepjeswol, so soft and cosy. I love the jewel colours, the stitch pattern I chose and the way the poncho drapes so well.

Finished only this morning, I simply had to share it with you right away. What do you think? Do you like what you see?


I am wearing it right now, feeling perfectly snugly on this cold and windy day. Sorry the photos aren’t the best…very dull and grey here today, no proper light for some good photography.

I’ll try and do better for next week’s pattern reveal – please pop back for that.

Hope to see you then. Enjoy!


the luca project – poncho

Poncho Inspiration

image credit – google images

This week has been a bit of a bumper ride with some very low points. It has however not all been gloomy, and one of the definite up’s has been working with the lovely Scheepjeswol Luca yarn that I introduced you to last week.

Some of you may know that I have close family who lives all the way in Guatemala. Thinking of them and planning a trip out there made me look at photos of that country recently. It reminded me that, like Peru, Guatemala is a country alive with striking colours. Especially the ponchos are a feast for the eye, and this gave me an idea and ample inspiration for my Luca project.

Poncho Collage 1


The jewel colours lend themselves to some colour work, and after playing around with different ideas I have settled on a simple, yet striking slip stitch pattern.

This is the current state of play…


I am loving every minute of it and hopefully I will be ready to share a big TahDah moment with you next week.

Enjoy your weekend, and happy Sinterklaas – St. Nikolaus to all of you who celebrate.


scheepjeswol – exciting new project


Collage 3

My love affair with Scheepjeswol continues and my latest discovery is this super soft, super cosy yarn called Luca. Luca is a non-twisted lush yarn made of 30% Wool – 70% Premium Acrylic and is available in 23 delicious colour shades. The yarn has a soft sheen and is perfect for cosy Winter knits. Using a 5mm knitting needle or crochet hook, one can quickly whip up some fabulous creations.

I have chosen five gorgeous shades for my next project, four jewel colours and one to pull it all together. As always, it all started with some inspiration. This time it was my current journal into which I scribble and paste ideas. The cover made me think of India, the Himalayas, Kashmir and all the colours you might find there. With Christmas coming up and the weather turning cold, I am thinking up ideas to wrap up warm, feel cosy and sparkle at the same time.

I wound some yarn into small balls and did some swatching…


…see how beautiful all the colours work together!


I have an idea in my head that seems perfect for this yarn and I would love to share the journey with you. Wish me luck and watch out for next weeks update on how I am getting on. In the meantime why not have a look at all the gorgeous Luca shades here and start dreaming of your very own creations.

Happy making! Enjoy!