merry christmas

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Hello friends! I don’t know about you, but I am almost ready to unwrap my presents as it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house. The tree is up and the house is looking festive with all the decorations around. I am looking forward to some relaxing time in front of the fire with some knitting or crochet making something for myself or loved ones, rather than work related.

A few things have already been finished over the last couple of weeks…

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This is the Ghita Cowl from Helga Isager’s new book – Room 606

available in English, German and Danish

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Beautiful Christmassy Fingerless Mittens – this month’s make from the content of Amanda Blooms

A little box of Crochet

#knitted cowl #madewithloops

My girl wearing a cowl designed and knitted by herself – A gift for a friend.

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Simple does it Рa last minute decoration 


Row 1: 1dc in second ch from hook and in each ch along – turn

Row 2: 1ch, 1dc in each dc along – turn

Repeat row 2 until piece measures approx. 50cm

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Finish: Fold the crochet strip as shown in the photo. Using thread and beads work through each layer to assemble.

Enjoy! X.

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This is some of the beautiful Isager Yarn I hand dyed back in the summer using natural plant extracts.

Perfect for some me – time knitting. Look out for progress photos on my Instagram.

I want to sign off for this year by saying:

Thank you for reading and leaving comments here and on any of my other social media, I truly appreciate it.

and by

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, I hope that all you wish for in 2016 will come true.

See you in the New Year.


blanket knit along

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Hello my lovelies, how have you been? Sorry for my absence and not posting earlier, but it’s been a very busy couple of weeks here at Made with Loops HQ.

Today I can finally show you this beauty of a blanket which has been a secret since the beginning of the year. Back in December of 2015 my WoolyLoops partner Claudia and I invited people to take part in a secret knitalong. A knitalong using beautiful Isager Merilin yarn where participants would receive two new square patterns each month over a period of ten months, with the end result of a beautiful blanket. Two squares per month seemed a realistic amount for even the busiest of people to achieve without stressing anyone out, this was supposed to be fun!

#knitalong #blanket #isager #madewithloops

The response to our initial call out was amazing and working on this project has been much fun. Initially participants chose the colours for their blankets from the palette of Isager Merilin, two colours in most cases. Claudia then used the chosen colours as a guide and dyed the yarn for the blanket border, which gave the finished blanket a very personal and unique touch. Originally there were going to be twenty squares in total, with two new designs being e-mailed out to each person every month. However, I could not resist to give everyone a little surprise and added four bonus squares to the project, which have just been mailed together with two suggestions for the border.

Throughout the knitalong the final look of the blanket has been a secret and it has been very difficult not to share anything of the progress with you. Finally the wait is over and the big ta-dah moment has arrived…

#knitalong #isager #blanket #madewithloops

…happy happy happy me!

Soft and cuddly, a truly cosy warm hug!


PS: If you fancy making one of these beauties (a perfect Christmas gift), you can order a kit from Wollsinn’s website or drop Claudia a note (

yarn dyeing – part two


Another glorious day beckoned as we drove the short distance from our accommodation to Isager HQ for another day of woolly colour fun.

A quick re-cap of what we learned yesterday and we were on our way to learn more techniques and different ways to achieve beautifully dyed lushes hanks of yarn. We started with some batik tie dye, followed by ombré shades, and then learning how to achieve long repeats of colour, especially useful for knitting socks. We finished with a surprise dyeing pot by all of us choosing one colour and just pouring it over some prepared yarn, no mixing or working in the colour, just cooking it and being excited of what it might turn out to be.

A quick tidy up and final words from the teacher and we were rewarded with some relaxed knitting time at a cafe in an old school. There we drank tea and ate cake of beautiful ceramics made by the owner, sitting under big old trees thinking back over wonderful days spent having fun with colour.

I am very pleased and happy with “My Lot” in the last photo…what do you think? Do you like it?


yarn dyeing at isager



Yesterday morning saw the beginning of two wonderful days playing with different dye stuff and yarns. Learning how to dye yarn had long been on my agenda to do, as it was the only bit missing in my yarn lexicon. All day myself and the very lovely Nina from Bergen in Norway ( learned how to use plant extracts and synthetic dyes.

Being taught by such a knowledgeable teacher, Claudia (, was truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to get started on part two today.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue – Denmark you are kind to us!


a knitting adventure – day 1

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After a rather hellish, almost fifteen hour drive, we arrived in Tversted near Skagen last night. As you can imagine we took it rather slowly this morning. A long sleep in, followed by a leisurely breakfast before Claudia took me to the Isager HQ.

She had promised me that I would like it, and boy did I like it. Like is really not enough to describe what I felt from the moment I saw the building and everything in it. Outside to the back there is a herb and flower garden with a small water feature, Japanese style, a dragon guarding and watching over proceedings. The back also hosts the dyeing station, perfectly organised for all manner of yarn dyeing fun, more about that in the next few days. There are areas to sit, enjoy a coffee in the sun and some knitting, as well as the stable of the resident Nordic Spelsau sheep.

It goes without saying that the inside was of even more interest to me, and as you can imagine many squeals of joy could be heard and a lot of fondling of yarn took place.

#isager #knitting #viscolin #palet #madewithloops


So much inspiration everywhere, so many lovely people to meet, truly a little Paradise. Just as well I am going to be going back every day for an entire week.

I hope you join me for the next step of the journey!