spring shawl – the pattern



Hello lovely Peep’s, how is your week going? Good I hope, with lots of lovely crafty time making and relaxing.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about the Spring Shawl, here and via social media. It makes me very happy if I can make you happy, and knowing that many of you lovely readers have got your yarn and needles at the ready, without further ado…drum roll…today is the day for the pattern release.

So go and get your materials ready…

1 x Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour (MC) – Shade in sample: 964

1 x Scheepjeswol Invicta Extra (CC) – Shade in Sample: 1347

4mm Knitting Needle

…turn on your computer (silly me..it’s on as you are reading this!) and download the pattern HERE

…make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee…

…settle in your favourite chair and start knitting!

I hope you enjoy every stitch and please let me know how you get on, I would love to see photos too! You can email them to me (find my e-mail address on the right).

Most importantly…Have fun!


spring shawl – the big ta..dah..


Hello my lovelies how have you been? Good I hope and hopefully you have not been snowed in and wrapped up warm in winter woollens during these past very cold days (that’s for us on this side of planet earth).

Today I am exuberantly happy to be able to share my finished Spring Shawl with you. What do you think? I am just a little bit in love with it!

The shawl is light and fluffily cosy, adding just the perfect warmth to shoulders and neck. It is fairly long and not too wide so that it can be wrapped around the neck a couple of times, or comfortably around the shoulders. I have kept the style simple, adding just a little eyelet interest and a cute little picot cast off border. Another really important fact is that it doesn’t break the bank, I know how after Christmas we are all on a budget spending cut.

Next week I will publish the pattern here on the blog and the best news is…it will be absolutely free! Go and get your yarn ready by visiting the Deramores website (link on the left panel), you need 1 ball of Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour and 1 ball of Invicta Extra, and then make sure to come back here next Thursday for the pattern release.

See you then!


spring shawl project – the story so far


Spring Shawl Collage

Hello friends and fellow knitter’s! It’s been a dull and grey week with rain, fog and today even snow. During days like these I am always glad to be working in my studio. My wall of yarn, various moodboards, watercolour paintings by ‘my man’, the artist Mark Gittins, and other colourful bits and pieces definitely keep me happy and cheerful when the world outside looks a bit gloomy.

After returning from Germany and catching up on household chores, I have spent most of my time in said colourful studio, working on various new ideas. A big chunk of time has been spent working on my Spring Shawl project and after a couple of unhappy starts and ripping back, it is now growing into something I am really happy with.

In the end I decided to let the beautiful Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour Yarn speak for itself and not distract from it by using an overly busy pattern. I am working in garter stitch throughout, just throwing in the odd row of Invicta Extra for added interest.

I am hoping to have the shawl finished by next week to be able to share the Ta-Dah moment with you.

I hope you will join me for that, until then…

Happy Knitting & Crocheting!


spring shawl project



Shawl Collage

I don’t know about you, but I like to be prepared for spring when it finally comes. Maybe it’s to do with the fact that January is my least liked month. Usually grey, cold and wet, as rarely do we have a lot of the fluffy white stuff these days, the excitement of Christmas gone and all beautiful decorations packed away for another year.

This calls for some excitement of a different kind, and what better way to brighten up our days than with some beautiful yarn in a  bright and cheerful colour. Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour is just that sort of yarn. Available in 21…yes 21 beautiful colours it is sure to but a bit of spring into your knitting.

I know what you are thinking…I only just made my South Bay Shawl using this yarn. Well ok, but you know, I loved it so much that I went ahead and got myself another ball of this loveliness. This time it is shade 964, beautiful pink and purple shades with a little dark grey and black running through. It’s always a little bit of a surprise using this yarn as one never knows exactly what lies in the depth of the yarn ball. But, I like surprises of the good kind and just for good measure I am throwing in some Invicta Extra in shade 1347, a little leftover from my Yarn Kit.

My head is buzzing with ideas! I am thinking semicircular which is an easy shape to wear. Some not too difficult lace, after all this is suppose to be a relaxing cheer me up project.

The possibilities are endless and I hope you will share in my excitement by following the Spring Shawl journey.

In the meantime you can drool over and purchase the yarn here or here.




south bay love

Kika Kit_Fotor_Collage

Remember this? The wonderful Scheepjes Yarn Kit in aid of Kika – a childhood free of cancer that I got sometime in December?

Just to recap: The kit contains 2 balls of Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour and 3 balls of Scheepjeswol Invicta Extra Yarn, two fabulous patterns (one knitting/one crochet), and the template to make a large pompom. My kit was colourway “Crazy Storm“, but there are 15 choices in total, so it’s really not difficult to find your perfect match.

Me being me obviously couldn’t just use one of the pattern enclosed with the kit, oh no…I had long wanted to make a shawl that keeps popping into my Instagram feed over and over again, a shawl by the name of South Bay!

Originally the design was published in one of the UK crochet magazines (not sure which one, might have been Simply Crochet) and is clearly a well loved design. Originally made using a plain Silk Mohair Yarn and a 5.5mm hook, many many versions have since been made and a vast selection can be seen if using #southbayshawl on Instagram. Some plain, some using variegated yarns. Some have plainish borders, some more elaborate.

Here is my take on the much loved South Bay Shawl…

South Bay Collage

I used one ball of the Invicta Extra (grey), one ball of Invicta Colour and a 4mm Hook. My shawl measures 130cm along the top edge and is 65cm deep (after blocking), the perfect size to wear either looped around my neck a bit like a scarf, or draped around my shoulders for extra warmth. The colours really do remind me of a crazy storm, the grey of dark clouds looming and the fresh vibrant shades that can often be seen just after a storm has passed and the sun comes out again.

Why not make your very own South Bay Shawl. The pattern is absolutely free and can be found here…and the yarn is available here.

I have plenty yarn left from my kit and wonder what the shawl would look like if I reversed the colours…I think I might just have to give it a try.