dear diary,

This week saw the return of winter with arctic temperatures at night, frosty mornings, snow blizzards and icy winds from Siberia. No signs of spring left apart from bright blue skies and sunshine amidst wintry showers.


jack frost

I took this opportunity to take some photos of trees. I have always loved trees. In summer to lie under them looking up into their amazing canopy and dreaming of places far away, in winter I love their starkness against blue skies and winter sunshine.

Tree 3


Tree 4


Tree 5


Tree 6

gnarled branches

Whilst on this photo shoot with trees I also found plenty of other inspiration which I applied to sample knitting when I was back in the warmth of my studio later.

Gate Inspiration

gate inspiration – honey comb texture

Trunk Inspiration

tree trunk inspiration – rib and welt texture

Tyre Inspiration

tyre inspiration – chevron stripes

As you can see, even during this rather stark and colourless time of year one can find plenty of inspiration. Always walk around with eyes wide open and having a camera with you helps of course.

I have also been busy making more squares for ‘my girls’ blanket. I leave you with this weeks fruit of crochetnesses…

Squares week 2

blanket squares – week two

Inspiration Hunter – Gatherer

dear diary,

There is absolutely no doubt about it, some days are meant for whiling away time. You know the sort of thing I mean, it’s a lovely day outside…

but you are stuck indoors supposedly working on some design ideas. Only trouble is, no ideas are forthcoming…oh dear what to do?!?

My perfect remedy is to get my old pile of magazines out, start rummaging and ripping out pages that speak to me…

then a lovely autumn walk and on with some work 🙂


A mathematical workout

dear diary,

One of my longest subscriptions has been to Country Living Magazine and still, after all these many years, it is one of my favourite things to read. Every month it gives me joy and many tips on how to enrich our lives, and ever so often it really makes my heart sing. This month’s issue is just one of those occasions with great ideas for simple pleasures…

or how to be stylish even in the hall way…

I often use the magazine as part of my inspiration to make up mood boards, it’s absolutely perfect for that. Just now however I have been using some of my old photos from the surrounding area of where I grew up in Germany to help with my latest design inspiration. I want to make something special with this…

I am thinking fauna, and what better place to start the inspirational juices going than to look at photos from where I grew up. My old home lies between the Wesergebirge and Teutoburger Wald in North Rhine Westphalia. Large woodlands are thick and green with Ferns growing beneath ancient old beeches.

Using this idea I have been surrounded by various stitch dictionaries, a calculator, pen and paper and chart making software over the last few days giving my brain a bit of a mathematical workout.

I think I am almost there, now I just need to find a cosy corner just like this…

to relax and start test-knitting. 🙂





Natures Inspiration

dear diary,

to me Nature offers a never ending source of inspiration…

All photos by Anna-Maria Gittins

How about you?

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