back to work


Hello friends!

How have you been? I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing break and I am sending every best wish for 2016 your way.

Christmas here was a quiet affair, just the three of us (and Max of course!). It rained almost continually the whole time, which meant that we couldn’t spend much time outside as everywhere was totally water logged. Reading, knitting for pleasure and watching movies was how we spent our time…Bliss!

I knitted this jumper for ‘my girl’ in just 3 days – So soft and cosy!

We spent a week in Germany, celebrating New Year with family. What fun and so lovely to see everyone,we even had snow which was a big bonus and enjoyed by us all. #solveigshawl

Today it’s back to work! I am actually looking forward to being back in my studio as lots of new ideas have been swirling around my head during the holidays. There are two new design releases over the coming weeks as well as my first published book, all co-productions with my friend Claudia of Wollsinn.

As you can see, a lot to look forward to and very exciting!

Have a great week.

Enjoy! X.

mindful monday – holidays

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they are here…

Made with Loops will be away until the 4th August 2014

To make sure you have something to keep you happy and brighten up your every day,

here is my latest Mandala/Doily for you to make…

Mandala Collage

Choose five colours

Ch5, ss to join into a circle

Rnd 1: Ch3, work 14tr’s into ring, ss to join (15tr)

Rnd 2: 3ch, 1tr in same st, 2tr in each st around, ss to join (30tr) – change colour

Rnd 3: 3ch, 1tr in same st, *2tr in next st, 1tr in each of next 2sts; rep. from * around, ss to join (45tr) – change colour


Rnd 4: 1ch, 1dc in each st around, ss to join, fasten off – join new colour at any st

Rnd 5: 3ch, [1tr,1ch, 2tr] in same sp, *skip 2sts, [2tr, 1ch, 2tr] in next st; rep. from * around, ss to join – join new colour at any 1ch sp

Rnd 6: Repeat Rnd 5 – join same colour as Rnd 5 at any 1ch sp


Rnd 7: 3ch, [2tr, 1ch, 3tr] in same sp, *[3tr, 1ch, 3tr] in each 1ch sp around, ss to join – change to same colour as Rnd 4  at any 1ch sp

Rnd 8: 3ch, [2tr, 2ch, 3tr] in same sp, * [3tr, 2ch, 3tr] in each 1ch sp around, ss to join – change to same colour as Rnd 3 at any 2ch sp

Rnd 9: 1ch, *[1dc, 1htr, 3tr, 1htr, 1dc] in each 2ch sp around and 1dc in each sp between group, ss to join.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.


You can use any yarn you fancy, just as long as you have fun!

See you in a couple of weeks…Enjoy!