Grannies Summer Folly – A Free Pattern


Hello my lovely friends and readers! Summer has finally arrived here in North Wales, and as I was just catching a ray or two in my garden over a cup of tea, I thought what a perfect time this would be to introduce you to my latest FREE Pattern…


…Grannies Summer Folly – A Crochet Basket!

What do you think? Do you like it? I do so hope you do and might want to make one too. It’s really not difficult…no honestly, even a beginner can achieve it. Every detail on how to make it is included in the pattern, and I am sure you all have a ball of yarn…or two…that would be perfect for this project. It really truly is a fairly quick project that can easily be made over a weekend…maybe whilst sitting in the summer sunshine in your garden or local park.

This is how it all started…


IMG_0051 2

One day I was playing around with colour and the traditional granny square…


…I made twenty seven of them and thought “What next”! That’s when the idea of a summer basket struck me, so I continued…


…and the whole time I was enjoying myself and getting just a little excited, and then I finished…


…and I am loving it!!

Immediately I thought that you will love it to, and that you might like to make one. So today I want to give you the opportunity to make your very own Grannies Summer Folly basket, because we all need a little folly in our lives now and again…don’t you think!

You can download the pattern, which contains everything you need to know, by simply clicking HERE!

I hope you will make one and share it with me by sending me a photo to my e-mail (in the right hand side bar), so that maybe I can share it in a post at a later date.

My basket is going on a lovely summery trip this weekend…I will tell you all next time.

Enjoy! X.

the ‘homely blanket’ quest – square five

dear diary,

I hope you are all on track working up your squares? Today I give you a sparkly number…first you crochet the square and then you jazz it all up with some blingy beading…

16 March 13

rico creative cotton aran – 4mm hook – 11 x 11cm


6ch, join with ss to form ring.

Rnd 1: 12dc into ring, join with ss.

Rnd 2: 12ch, *ss in next st, 12ch; rep. from *10 times (12 petals worked). Join with ss, fasten off. Join new colour at any 12ch sp.

Rnd 3: *1dc in 12ch sp, 4ch; rep. from *in all petals, join with ss.

Rnd 4: ss in next 4ch sp, in same sp work [2tr, 4ch, 2tr] (corner made), [4ch, 1dc in next 4ch sp] twice, 4ch, *in next 4ch sp work [2tr, 2ch, 2tr] (corner made), [4ch, 1dc in next 4ch sp] twice, 4ch; rep. from *twice more, join with ss.

Rnd 5: 1ch, 1dc in next st, *in corner 4ch sp work [2dc, 2ch, 2dc], 1dc in next st, [3dc in next 4ch sp, 1dc in next st] 3 times; rep. from * around, join with ss, fasten off. Join in first colour at any corner centre st of prev. rnd.

Rnd 6: *3dc in ctr. dc of prev. rnd., 1dc in next 17sts; rep. from *around, join with ss.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Sew 12 small beads around centre circle.

15 April 13

svarta faret tilda – 3mm hook – 9 x 9cm

Happy crocheting! 🙂