news round-up

Goodness, is it really three weeks already since I last posted? Time really goes too quickly!

I thought I pop in today just to give you a quick update on what I have been working on during these past few weeks. Having to spent a bit of time resting under doctors orders, I was able to catch up on some sock knitting.

First a pair for ‘my girl’. These are from Kerstin Balke’s (@stine_und_stitch) Soxx Book and were a lot of fun to knit. Currently her book is not available in English, but I think there are plan’s for that in the future.

Next up a pair for ‘my man’. My first pair of #scrappyhappysocks using up bits of sock yarn left over from other knitted pairs. I used my trusted Omas Socks pattern for these, it is totally fool proof and is the perfect pattern for anyone wanting to try their hand’s knitting socks for the first time. You can download it HERE.

I got so hooked on scrappy happy socks that I started another pair almost immediately, these may well be a present for someone (Christmas is approaching fast).

At the end of September I went to Yarndale. I hadn’t been for a couple of years and it was fun to catch up with old friends, chatting with new vendors and soaking in the yarny atmosphere.

As well as sock knitting, I have also been busy working on a new design. Remember my Everyday Sweater (Here, there will be a Everyday Cardigan next. This is going to be a series of items that can be made fairly quickly, is simple, yet stylish with a twist and will become your go-to items all year round.

Looking at all of these photos I can see why the last three weeks have flown by, I was just a wee bit busy.

During the next few weeks I will be going on my great adventure traveling to Guatemala. This trip has been a long time coming and as you can imagine, I am so excited. My cases are packed, just a few last minute things to finish and then we are off. We are staying with family and here is one of the gifts I made for the daughter of one of my cousins. All little girls like pink right?!?

You can follow my travels over on Instagram where I will share photos and maybe even the odd video on my Insta Stories.

My travel project will be a new shawl design I have in my head and yesterday I wound the yarn into yummy cakes, ready to take on board the plane to get started. This is beautiful squishy yarn from Antonella of Cosy Posy Yarn in Canada in colours Amber, Siren and Coffee Date. I can’t wait to get started and share photos of progress with hope you all have a great October and chat again soon.

Heike xo.

The Humble Facecloth – a free pattern

dear diary,

sometimes the simplest things can make us most happy don’t you agree? This can surely be said about items we make our self or hand-made items we receive as gifts. I have received many such hand-made items from friends and family that I treasure far more than expensive bought gifts. Maybe it is the tought and time that has gone into making something by hand. As you think hard and deep about matching colour and texture favourites of the recipient, a hand-made gift almost always fits in well with surroundings and taste. It’s not about how large something is, or how much time it takes to make, often a small thoughtful item can bring the biggest joy.

One such item I give to you today in way of a FREE pattern. I love using soft face cloths at the beginning of the day to wake up and to remove the days dirt in the evening, and just like hand made dish cloths, hand made face cloths are much lovelier to use and last doubly long as bought ones. The added bonus is that you can make them in your favourite colours or to match the bathroom decor.

For mine I have used different yarns to see which one I like best. I used Rowan Revive (natural), KB Cotton (lilac) and Rowan Handknit Cotton and must say that I like them all equally but for different purposes. The one knitted in Revive is really good to use in the shower for a little exfoliation, whilst the other two are really very soft, a joy to wake up to. They make great gifts, don’t use a lot of yarn nor take long to make. Try adding a lovely piece of soap and give instead of flowers next time and see how much it will be appreciated.

Download the FREE Pattern now and enjoy making!