Jubilee Crown Cushion

dear diary,

I have long been an admirer of Queen Elizabeth II.

How can one not admire her, when at the ripe old age of 86 (I don’t actually know anyone else who still works at that age),  she still has a working schedule that would stretch younger people’s stamina. Admittedly, she has never had to worry about shopping, cooking, washing and ironing, nor has she ever had any money worries, but in a culture where fame seems to be the most wanted and many will do anything to gain it, she has never sought it even though she is undoubtedly the most famous person in the world. For the past 60 years she has shown us that even in times of difficulties and challenges one can behave with dignity and discretion, showing unfaltering dedication and devotion to whatever our life’s throw at us. Mostly we forget that she is not only our Queen, who has been a steadfast permanent in our life’s for such a long time, but also a wife, mother and grandmother. To some she may appear remote and aloof, but I know first hand that she is a warm person with a great sense of humour.

To pay my own small tribute to such a much loved person I have come up with a Jubilee Cushion, the pattern can be downloaded FREE during the Jubilee weekend.

I employed the help of my artist husband who drew me a picture of the Queen’s coronation crown which I made into a chart. The colour choice was easy, patriotic red blue and white with gold beads for the crown. As there are plenty of British Flag designs already out there I decided on stripes for the back of the cushion.

Here is the story in pictures from start to finish:

Jubilee Cushion - Drawing to Knitted


I hope you will join me in wishing our Queen a most lovely celebratory weekend and may she smile at us for many years to come.

Download pattern by clicking here.

The Humble Facecloth – a free pattern

dear diary,

sometimes the simplest things can make us most happy don’t you agree? This can surely be said about items we make our self or hand-made items we receive as gifts. I have received many such hand-made items from friends and family that I treasure far more than expensive bought gifts. Maybe it is the tought and time that has gone into making something by hand. As you think hard and deep about matching colour and texture favourites of the recipient, a hand-made gift almost always fits in well with surroundings and taste. It’s not about how large something is, or how much time it takes to make, often a small thoughtful item can bring the biggest joy.

One such item I give to you today in way of a FREE pattern. I love using soft face cloths at the beginning of the day to wake up and to remove the days dirt in the evening, and just like hand made dish cloths, hand made face cloths are much lovelier to use and last doubly long as bought ones. The added bonus is that you can make them in your favourite colours or to match the bathroom decor.

For mine I have used different yarns to see which one I like best. I used Rowan Revive (natural), KB Cotton (lilac) and Rowan Handknit Cotton and must say that I like them all equally but for different purposes. The one knitted in Revive is really good to use in the shower for a little exfoliation, whilst the other two are really very soft, a joy to wake up to. They make great gifts, don’t use a lot of yarn nor take long to make. Try adding a lovely piece of soap and give instead of flowers next time and see how much it will be appreciated.

Download the FREE Pattern now and enjoy making!

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