the week in pictures

This week has been a busy one for me, here are some of the things I have been working on…

Preparing for new workshops is always a lot of work but also a lot of fun…



…these two photos show preparations for my workshops in Germany at the end of April. I have been invited to the Backnanger Wollfest for the third time. I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone and hearing what they all have been up to during the past few months.



I am taking part in a knit along for the first time in ages. This one is organised by Sarah of Crafts from the Cwtch and it’s not too late to join in. You can find all the details on her blog (link above) or by looking for Ravelry group of same name.

We are knitting a shawl called Miss Winkle, a design by Martina Behm (remember the Hitchhiker shawl), it’s a little unusual with the little loops running along one side of the shawl. I have really got into this pattern and can’t wait to finish it.


On Wednesday the postman delivered a surprise package from a new friend who I have yet to meet in person. Louise and I met via Instagram (such a friendly place), when I posted a photo of a new crochet design for a table runner and she kindly purchased it from me. We have been in touch ever since and this was a lovely surprise and generous gift – thank you Louise. You can find her and her lovely shop in Chepstow/S.Wales, but if that’s a bit far for you to travel, you can browse and purchase her lovely wares here.


I also had a little play with flowers! I am working on a wee design to pretty up my (and possibly your) life. More detail about it soon, I promise.

Have a lovely weekend all, whatever you might be doing!


the ‘homely blanket’ quest – square 34

dear diary,

3rd Advent

It’s the third Advent weekend and time for the second last square of the ‘homely blanket’ quest. Only one more square to go…almost impossible to believe I know, and then comes the dreaded sewing up.

I thought we stay with the festive theme for this week’s square. I have called it “A Christmas Rose”, I do so hope you like it. The square is made up of two separate pieces, this gives you the opportunity to make the Rose in different colours and use as a brooch, or use to decorate your Christmas gifts.

Quest Square 34.1

The Square:

Using A ch 4, ss to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch5 (counts as 1tr+2ch), [3tr, 2ch] 3 times into ring, 2tr into ring, ss to 3rd of 5ch.

Rnd 2: Ss to 2ch sp, 7ch (counts as 1tr+4ch), *2tr in same sp, 1tr into each tr across side of square, **2tr into next 2ch sp, 4ch; rep. from * twice and from * to **once more, 1tr into last 2ch sp, ss to 3rd of 7ch.

Rnd 3: Ss to 4ch sp, 7ch (counts as 1tr+4ch), *2tr in same sp, 1tr into each tr across side of square, **2tr into next 4ch sp, 4ch; rep. from * twice and from * to ** once more, 1tr into last 4ch sp, ss to 3rd of 7ch.

Rnd 4: Repeat Rnd 3 – Fasten off A

Rnd 5: Join B at any tr of prev. rnd. – 1dc in each tr across sides of square, [2dc, 2ch, 2dc] in each corner – Fasten off B

Rnd 6: Join C at any dc of prev. rnd – 1dc in each dc across sides of square, 3dc’s in each corner – Fasten off C

Quest Square 34

The Rose:

With B ch48

Petals 1-3: Miss 3ch, 1tr in each of next 2ch, 2ch, ss in next ch, [3ch, 1tr in each of next 2ch, 2ch, ss in next ch] 2 times

Petals 4-8: [4ch, 1dtr in each of next 4ch, 3ch, ss in next ch] 5 times

Making up: Starting with smaller petals and stitching as you go, coil the row of petals and sew into shape. Attach to square by stitching it down or attach a pin.

Have a lovely crafting weekend. Enjoy x

a familiar old favourite

dear diary,

do you remember this old favourite of mine…

Cloche 1

I first made it and wrote the pattern back in 2011, and I remember it was instantly loved by many heads that needed to be snug and warm, including mine. But when I got it out of the draw the other day…oh well, let’s just say it looked a little sad and dishevelled, not really fit for purpose any longer.

I knew I was going to miss it though, as it had become such a familiar and favourite winter warmer. There was only one thing for it…I had to make a new one. After a lot of rummaging in my Stash (it is quite large, I have to admit!), I found almost the same yarn as I had used for the first hat. A lovely, but sadly discontinued Noro Aran Yarn, for which I can’t remember the name as the ball band was lost. But just in case you are wondering…any Aran yarn will do, just as long as you like it!

Cloche Detail

You don’t need much either, about 115 meters should do it, and as the hat is knitted using 5mm needles, it is a definite one evening project. The flower’s are crochet, using a little bit of this and a little bit of that…you know what I mean, some of that leftover yarn we all have.


As I am feeling in the Festive Spirit, for a short period only, you can download this pattern for free HERE.

So go on… hit that download link straight away, and make one tonight to step out of your door wearing it tomorrow!

Enjoy x

seriously hooked

dear diary,

As the weather continues to amaze us with unheard amounts of sunshine and Mediterranean temperatures, my garden has never looked better. I have of course been watering it, and the flowers seem to like this long stint of sun sun sun just as much as we do, the lawn however is a weird shade of beige.

In the spirit of summer and colourful flowers I have been drawn to crochet more and more over these past few weeks. Initially it all started with the ‘homely blanket’ and having to live up to my promise of a new square each week. Soon I couldn’t stop myself to try out new ideas, yarns and stitches, and I must also admit that crochet is much easier to handle in this hot weather.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen what I have been up to, but for all you lovelies who aren’t part of the Instagram world, here are some photos of recent bits and pieces…

…granny tea cosy…


…a vintage doily revival…pattern to be written up yet…


…coat hanger covers for all those slippery garments…


…window display to stop the birds from hitting the glass…


…mini picot bunting for garden fun…


…beach hut stripes blanket for ‘my girl’


…as you can see, I am well and truly ‘hooked’ (excuse the pun!) xx

The week that was…

dear diary,

this week that was full of germs and need not be remembered!

Oh yes, my girl and I have had the ‘bad lurgy’ all week and have spent most days  just moping around in slow motion trying our best to keep some cheer in our lives. Not easy when outside it’s gloomy and inside you spent hovering between the pantry (to warm up your wheat cushion in the microwave to soothe your tummy) and the bathroom (I won’t elaborate).

Spending time in my studio always cheers me up. The tranquility of being surrounded by yarn, books and notions, looking out over the mountains is soothing at all times and makes me instantly feel better.


Corner in my Studio

I did manage to play with yarn almost every day, even if it was only for a little while…


Colours of the Rainbow


Flowers for Red Riding Hood


For a Crochet Workshop

Work on my new Lola Loops book had to take a back seat, as I mostly managed to make a lot of mistakes which made me realise that tummy bugs and paracetamol don’t get on well with mathematical charts that need to work when put into practice. I can’t wait to get back to work on it though as it will be full of lusciousness in this years S/S Pantone colours. Here is a sneak view…


To be used in Lola Loops Spring/Summer

If there is anything good about not feeling well at all, then the only thing I can think of is that one can manage to catch up on reading all those lovely magazines that keep piling up.

Well I have done plenty of that this week too…


…always best

Today we are feeling a little more human, the sun is shining and we have opened the windows to let the germs fly far far away. 🙂


Today from the Studio