fabulous friday follies – 4

This weeks wonderful finds are…

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Paris 1839 Collage 2

Paris 1839 – Charlotte & Marinus

These two amazing photographers have been working together since 2009, sharing their passion for photography. Their studio is based in the Netherlands, but more often than not they can be seen taking photos of Paris, the city they fell in love with when they first visited it together. From abandoned buildings to serene still life,each photograph breathes it’s own atmosphere and is unmistakably theirs. Paris 1839 have exhibited their work in Berlin, Washington, Paris, Brussels and New York. To own a piece of their beauty, or to find out more visit them here.

Yarn Bowl

Caractacus Pots Collage

Caractacus Pots – Susan Frankel

Ever since she can remember Susan has been into crafting. From knitting, crochet and tapestry, to stained glass and wood turning, she has tried her hands with many crafty things. But it was when she started a ceramics evening class, making tiles for her own bathroom, that she realised that this is were her talent and love lies.

Susan started selling at Craft markets, but found she didn’t really like the early starts and constant lifting of heavy boxes, and when a fellow student suggested starting a shop on Etsy, she jump right in. After initial reluctance Susan now takes custom orders, so why not have something special made for yourself or as a gift for someone. Her shop is always open here.


Wincsike Collage

Wincsike – Gyöngyi Hamrak

Wincsike calls herself an optimistic dreamer from Hungary, who looks at simplicity and beauty in nature for her design inspiration. It definitely shows in her gorgeous crochet creations. Let a beautifully crafted Dreamcatcher take care of bad dreams, or wear one of her stunning collars or jewellery pieces and instantly feel like the belle of the ball. Her play of colours and the softness of the yarn shows in all her designs, and her Motto of “Enjoy the day, enjoy the moment” is evident in every piece. To see more of Wincsike’s designs, visit her here.

How do you like this weeks follies? I hope you spend some time investigating these three fabulous creators, all amazing in their own field.

Have a fabulous weekend…it promises to be a hot one.

Enjoy! X.


fabulous friday follies – 3

Has it really been a week already since I shared my last findings with you? Surely it’s not possible that time flies by this quickly.

I have three wonderful introductions this week, here goes:

Jackie Leaves


Jackie Cardy Textiles

Jackie has always had a passion for sewing and in 1997 gained her City & Guilds at Gawthorpe Hall, receiving a Highly Commended medal for excellence.

Since then she has been embroidering and exhibiting in a variety of places. About four years ago after being part of a start up felt group her work has become predominantly felt, but as an embroiderer she uses it as a painterly surface for stitch, using machine and hand threads to create textural pieces.

For her brooches she uses hand dyed silk velvet. You can find Jackie’s work online here or in craft galleries throughout the UK.

Lisa Cowl


Northbound Knitting – Lisa Mutch

The appeal of Northbound Knitting lies in the allure of texture in designs and unique hand dyes for luxurious fiber and yarn.

Lisa has an eye for design that is striking in its simplicity and appeals to knitters who enjoy working textured stitches that intrigue and sooth in equal measure. Wether it is a sharp contrasting line, a varying texture or a subtle asymmetry, the simplicity of each item is deceptive.

With her developed understanding of the pleasures of garter stitch fabric or the enticing way two colours can work together, Lisa is also able to apply her attention to detail in dyeing. Her palette is perfect for sharp contrasts and layered colours, which time and time again you will feel yourself getting completely immersed in. You can find Lisa and her wonderful designs and yarns here.

Claudia Hoop 2


Mi Bazaar Latino – Claudia Anaya

Mi Bazaar Latino is a collection of jewellery and accessories designed by Claudia Anaya selling online and at craft shows throughout California since 2007. Inspired by the past, infused with a vintage vibe using repurposed jewellery, vintage baubles and findings, and incorporating her love of doilies and linens, Claudia’s eclectic style is ever present.

Claudia was inspired and encouraged from an early age by her loving grandma’s. One, who at a young age was the neighbourhood seamstress without ever knowing how to sew, the other being an avid crochet master, not even knowing how to read, creating from her own imagination.

Why not have something commissioned especially for you, find Mi Bazaar Latino here.

There you go, something special for you to have a browse through and be inspired by.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy!