#12monthsofhappy – january 2017

Hello friends, how have you been? Today I want to introduce you to a new monthly feature here on the Made with Loops blog.

#madewithloops.co.uk #12monthsofhappy

I am calling it #12monthsofhappy

Knit a square a month to use as a dish/facecloth. A simple stylish design every month for 2017 will make a beautiful stack of soft squares at the end of it. Use any soft DK cotton or linen yarn of your choice plus some 4mm knitting needles and you are good to go.

Why?…well, I ask you: “Is there anything nicer than a homemade dish/facecloth?”

Ever since I made my first one a few years ago, I have been totally smitten and have never wanted to use a shop bought one again.

Whether you are just learning to knit or you are a seasoned knitting pro wanting a quick project, a knitted dish/facecloth pattern is a perfect tool for many reasons. This is a perfect way to try out a new stitch, a bit like knitting up a swatch to determine gauge before beginning a larger project.

#12monthsofhappy #madewithloops.co.uk

Another reason for loving to knit these beauties is that they make wonderful homemade gifts. In no time at all, you can create a beautiful and practical gift to give to a friend or family member. Knitted dishcloths are both a practical and fun way to explore and expand your knitting skills. Finally, everyone can use a few extra dishcloths around the kitchen, and in the bathroom a pretty stack of facecloths looks fabulous too.

Please share your beauties with the rest of us by tagging your photos with #12monthsofhappy on social media – you can also tag me in your pictures (@madewithloops on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

Can’t wait to see what fabulous colour and yarn combo’s you come up with!

Here is the first pattern:

#madewithloops.co.uk #12monthsofhappy

What you need:

Approx. 80m of soft DK yarn – I used Rowan Lenpur Linen 50g/115m

4mm Knitting Needles

Darning Needle to weave in ends

Finished size of the cloth: 20 x 20 cm when slightly stretched

How to:

Cast on a multiple of 5 sts plus 2 – 47 sts for this cloth

Rows 1-5: *K1, p1; rep. from * – finish K1

Row 6 (RS): (K1, p1) twice, k4, *p1, k4; rep. from * to last 8 sts, k4, (p1, k1) twice

Row 7: (K1, p1) twice, k1, *p2, k3; rep. from * to last 7sts, p2, (k1, p1) twice, k1

Repeat rows 6 & 7 until piece measures 17cm and then work rows 1-5 once again.

Cast off and weave in all ends.

Enjoy! X.

If you prefer you can also download a PDF version of this pattern here!


Hooked – (with free pattern)

dear diary,

It is really quite puzzling how every year during January and February, I seem to get completely hooked on crochet. I think it has to do with the fact that these are very grey and dark months and using beautifully scrummy cotton yarns, in a rainbow of colours, brightens up my days no end.

Last year I got into making many container covers like these (you may recall)…

Plant and Flowers 1

Crochet Plant Pot & Vase Cover

…after that I started this, it remains a Wip (work in progress)…


Sugar & Spice Granny Square Blanket

This year I am hooked again and don’t seem to get enough of making these…






Dishcloths – A Gift

The crochet bug is strongly encouraged by a lovely new magazine…

Simply Crochet

From the Publishers of Mollie Makes

…with endless inspiration and ideas. There really is no escaping it and the latest ‘must make’ are these…



Try and make some yourself, they are quick and simple:

I used some Rico Creative Cotton Aran and a 4mm hook. (UK crochet terms):

Ch6 and ss to form a circle

Rnd 1: 3ch (counts as 1st), work 14tr into ring – finish each rnd with ss and start new rnd with 3ch (counts as 1st tr)

Rnd 2: double every st (2tr into each st)

Rnd 3: double every 2nd st

Rnd 4: double every 3rd st

Rnd 5: double every 4th st

Rnd 6: double every 5th st

Scallop edge: *1dc, miss 1st, 5tr into next st, miss 1st, 1dc into next st; rep. from * around.

If a loop to hang up is required work 10ch at end of rnd, ss to form ring, work 15dc into ring, fasten off and weave in ends.

They make great gifts. Enjoy and have fun! 🙂

Potholders 2

Potholders – A Gift