magic monday – Free Pattern



A few weeks back during a general browse on the 24/7 available virtual shopping channel, also know as the internet, I came across some fabulous looking baskets. I instantly liked the look of them, but to my dismay they were rather pricey. I decided I would be good and didn’t purchase one.

My mind kept coming back to them though, thinking that there must be a way to come up with a design and make one myself. I remembered the yarn that a friend of mine had given me a couple of Christmases ago, a sort of jersey/t-shirt type of material and very chunky. I couldn’t remember the name, but after some searching I found it on a trusted website here.


To my surprise this yarn comes in 117 different shades, so there really is a colour there to suit any taste…, but trust me when I say that it is not easy to chose as they are all so delicious.

I set to work almost immediately, 9mm crochet hook at the ready, and after a couple of false starts I was on my way. Due to the thickness of the yarn and size of hook, this project works up mega fast, you can easily whip one of these beauties up in an afternoon.

The finished baskets are super duper sturdy and lend themselves to all manner of uses. The smaller one makes an ideal project basket and the larger version is big enough for a small shop at the market. If you make different sizes, they are easily stackable, or you could try leaving off the handles and make storage baskets.



The options are endless…Why not have a go yourself, you can download the pattern absolutely free by clicking HERE.

Do you like them?

Let me know what you think, and most importantly…

Enjoy! X.

Grannies Summer Folly – A Free Pattern


Hello my lovely friends and readers! Summer has finally arrived here in North Wales, and as I was just catching a ray or two in my garden over a cup of tea, I thought what a perfect time this would be to introduce you to my latest FREE Pattern…


…Grannies Summer Folly – A Crochet Basket!

What do you think? Do you like it? I do so hope you do and might want to make one too. It’s really not difficult…no honestly, even a beginner can achieve it. Every detail on how to make it is included in the pattern, and I am sure you all have a ball of yarn…or two…that would be perfect for this project. It really truly is a fairly quick project that can easily be made over a weekend…maybe whilst sitting in the summer sunshine in your garden or local park.

This is how it all started…


IMG_0051 2

One day I was playing around with colour and the traditional granny square…


…I made twenty seven of them and thought “What next”! That’s when the idea of a summer basket struck me, so I continued…


…and the whole time I was enjoying myself and getting just a little excited, and then I finished…


…and I am loving it!!

Immediately I thought that you will love it to, and that you might like to make one. So today I want to give you the opportunity to make your very own Grannies Summer Folly basket, because we all need a little folly in our lives now and again…don’t you think!

You can download the pattern, which contains everything you need to know, by simply clicking HERE!

I hope you will make one and share it with me by sending me a photo to my e-mail (in the right hand side bar), so that maybe I can share it in a post at a later date.

My basket is going on a lovely summery trip this weekend…I will tell you all next time.

Enjoy! X.