the shawl of many colours

dear diary,

a couple of months ago my ‘little’ sister came to visit. She lives in Germany (as does all my family), and we therefore don’t see each other anywhere near enough. We both like many of the same things: crochet, knitting, sewing and crafting, as well as cooking and gardening, and it is always such a treat to spend some time together.

This time she came to stay with me for just over one week, and I can promise you we made the most of it. We went shopping, we did lots of crafting, knitting and crochet, and we did lots of cooking together too; and all of this whilst chatting and laughing a lot.

One of the highlights of that week was a visit to Colinette yarns in Mid-Wales, about an hour and a half drive from where I live. We both bought some yarn (of course), some for a cardigan each (more about that another time), and a pack of 5 small hanks of Jitterbug in different colours, which I thought would make a lovely long multicoloured shawl.


This is how ‘the shawl of many colours’ was born, and today I would like to share the pattern with you. The shawl is a very simple design, a combination of garter stitch stripes and some garter stitch eyelet rows worked in. The shape is quite narrow, first you increase on one side only, and after a while you decrease on the opposite side only.


The Jitterbug yarn is a beautifully soft Merino yarn and is available in about 125 shades. It is perfect for all manner of knitting and crochet, lending itself especially to make beautifully soft and drapey accessories.

My aim was to design something that could be knitted fairly quickly and without too much fuss. This is a project perfect for using up left-over sock yarns, a project that can be taken to knitting group or would be perfect for TV knitting, and  I am very happy with the result. At over 250 cm long, the shawl wraps around your neck a few times, caressing your skin and keeping you snug and warm while at the same time cheering up even the dullest winter’s day.


This is a FREE pattern and you are very welcome to download it HERE. I know my ‘little’ sister will and next time we see each other we can have a wonderful outing wearing our matching shawls. I hope it will be very soon.

Enjoy! x

introducing – the two way cardigan

dear diary,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my latest pattern design to you…the ‘two way’ cardigan. After two of my ‘knitterly’ friends kindly agreed to test-knit this for me, I feel happy to make it available to you my lovely readers.

Version 1

style one

Called ‘two way’ cardigan because, as the name says, it can be worn two ways up or down, making it a very versatile garment to own.

This simple design can be knitted in no time at all using 6mm needles, and here comes the important bit…there is almost no sewing up to do either. Let me tell you a little bit more on how it came about…

The Design Story,

A few years ago, on a visit to Germany, I saw a knitted cardigan in a shop window that I liked. As it was hugely expensive I just made a mental note to myself and did a few scribbles in my notebook to be re-visited at a later date.

Yarn 1

On a visit to Colinette yarns with a friend two years ago I bought enough Zanziba for the scribbles in my notebook, and finally, earlier this year I got out my notes from way back when and designed the ‘two way’ Cardigan.

The design is made up of three rectangles, using two simple, yet effective, stitch patterns and can be worn both ways up (or down), thus giving you two totally different looks.

Version 2

style two

The yarn can be substituted with any bulky yarn of your choice, just as long as it can be knitted using 6mm needles you will be fine, and all is explained in the pattern notes.

This is a quick and straight forward design that can be tackled by novice or more experienced knitters alike. It is a joy to make and and an even greater joy to wear, so why not download your copy today. You can do so by going to the single pattern page from the menu above or by clicking here.

Enjoy! xx

blue is the word

dear diary,

The weekend started with a long planned trip to Colinette Yarns in Llanfair Caereinion with some good friends who, like me, are just a little obsessed with colour and yarn. We shared some good laughs and stories on the way driving through some beautiful countryside in equally beautiful weather. On arrival at Colinette we were greeted warmly and made very welcome with offerings of tea, coffee and homemade chocolate cake which we sampled whilst browsing through the latest design books and then the real fun began…

Colinette 2


Colinette 4


Colinette 1


Colinette 5

colinette – blankets

…we found an amazing cocktail of colours and textures, don’t you just want to take large gulp’s of all this deliciousness?

colinette giotto

colinette giotto

I was a very good girl and only purchased 3 hanks of Lasso. You can guess the colour…

Colinette 8

colinette lasso – colourway blue parrot

…and staying with the colour blue: On Sunday we spent a lovely day on Anglesey. This island is about an hour’s drive from home and we managed to get there before the bank holiday masses decended onto the roads. The sun was shining and the sky and sea were a beautiful crisp blue.

Anglesey 2

coastal path near llanbadrig

Anglesey 3

moelfre bay

Anglesey 1

lobster pods

We took a great walk along parts of the Welsh coastal path and finished off with a delicious meal at one of our favourite restaurants in Beaumaris, The Gazelle Hotel & Restaurant. We ate fish caught that morning in the Menai straight whilst enjoying vistas across the water to the Snowden range of mountains. Total bliss!!!

Anglesey 4

view from the gazelle hotel

What better way to finish on the weekends blue theme than by starting work on a new design using my freshly purchased Colinette yarn. A tunic in asymetrical style inspired by something I saw in one of the discontinued brochures at Colinette.


afon – asymetrical tunic design notes

Off to wind my yarn and start knitting, I’ll keep you posted on progress. x






the two way cardigan

dear diary,

this coming Saturday a few friends and I are embarking on our long awaited Colinette outing and I am looking forward to it very much indeed. What could possibly be better than spending a day in the company of like-minded yarn-obsessed friends visiting a place that can only be described as yarn heaven.

Knowing that it will be impossible for me to resist one or two purchases, I thought it might be a good idea to use the yarn from my last visit almost 3 years ago…

Yarn 1

colinette zanziba – colourway mist

…to finally make a cardigan inspired by a garment I saw during one of my visit’s to Germany.

Knit Notes 1

design notes for two way cardigan

This is basically a cardigan made up of three rectangular sections using two different stitch patterns which, when assembled, can be worn both way’s up. This means that the original collar can also become the lower back by wearing the cardigan the other way up. Confused?!? Here are some photos to help…

Two way Cardigan 1

first option with collar being collar

Two way Cardigan 2

first option with original lower back

…and now turn it upside down…

Two way Cardigan 3

second option with original lower back now as collar

Two way Cardigan 4

second option with original collar now as lower back

I am quietly chuffed that my idea, subsequent scribbles and math’s have worked. The two way up cardigan will have it’s first outing on Saturday to visit it’s place of birth in mid-wales. 🙂