seven wednesday stills – 4










This week’s stills selection continues on the theme of Summer:

1. …happy bunting – every garden or balcony should have some

2. …picking flowers from my garden

3. …working on new ideas inspired by summer

4. …flowering chives – what could be prettier

5. …beach walks

6. …pin cushion swap – inspired by South America

7. …sharing with you – for free download click on photo in side bar (available in German or English)

Are you all enjoying summer so far?

What have you been making lately?

Happy days, Enjoy!


yarndale impressions

dear diary,


Yesterday myself and two good friends drove to Skipton to visit the long and eagerly awaited Yarndale event. The sun was shining upon the stunning Yorkshire countryside when we arrived…


surrounding the yarndale venue

…and even though we were a little frazzled at the edges after sitting in a long line of traffic for ages, we soon forgot about it as the colourful greetings we received cheered us up in no time at all…



…the trees and bushes had been dresses up in crocheted yarn finery and it looked stunning.Nothing had prepared us for what was awaiting us when we stepped inside however!

You might remember reading about the request by the organisers for crocheted granny triangles to be assembled into bunting? Many of us send in our colourful creations and we were blown away by the sea of colour that greeted us inside…

Bunting 2


…it was simply AmaZinG!!!!!

I managed to meet up with some of my IG friends as well as a quick hello with Valerie’s Hexagon group, and was able to have a good catch up with many friends I hadn’t seen for a while. Of course some purchases were made too (more about that another time) and the three of us left feeling elated and happy with a skip in our step.


lies and karen in a cheeky mood

Please forgive me for not posting a square this week (might give you a chance to do some catching up!) but I am off to visit…


…gathering lots of inspiration for future projects to share with you.

Have a good and colourful week. xx

seriously hooked

dear diary,

As the weather continues to amaze us with unheard amounts of sunshine and Mediterranean temperatures, my garden has never looked better. I have of course been watering it, and the flowers seem to like this long stint of sun sun sun just as much as we do, the lawn however is a weird shade of beige.

In the spirit of summer and colourful flowers I have been drawn to crochet more and more over these past few weeks. Initially it all started with the ‘homely blanket’ and having to live up to my promise of a new square each week. Soon I couldn’t stop myself to try out new ideas, yarns and stitches, and I must also admit that crochet is much easier to handle in this hot weather.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen what I have been up to, but for all you lovelies who aren’t part of the Instagram world, here are some photos of recent bits and pieces…

…granny tea cosy…


…a vintage doily revival…pattern to be written up yet…


…coat hanger covers for all those slippery garments…


…window display to stop the birds from hitting the glass…


…mini picot bunting for garden fun…


…beach hut stripes blanket for ‘my girl’


…as you can see, I am well and truly ‘hooked’ (excuse the pun!) xx