Sunshine on my feet – A Solar Dyeing Project

Thirty days has September,

April, June and November.

Unless a leap year is its fate,

February has twenty-eight

but all the rest have three days more,

excepting January,

which has six thousand,

one hundred and eighty-four.

by @brian_bilston

January please forgive me, I am glad you are soon a distant memory!

As you have gathered, January is not one of my favourite months, for me it drags along every year, but especially so this year. One project however kept my sprits up throughout the month, my solar sock dyeing experiment.

overnight mordanting
dissolving dye stuff
add socks – put on windowsill – upend daily – leave for 3 weeks

Last year, as part of my subscription to snapdragonlife, an online service run by Jane Lindsey from her beautiful home near Loch Lomond in Scotland, I received a newsletter about how to use the power of natural ingredients in solar dyeing. I was intrigued! I really wanted to try this and as a Christmas gift to myself ordered a kit containing everything needed to get started.

With January looming and still in total lockdown in Wales, I set about and started my solar dyeing experiment during the first days of the month. Here is the progress in pictures!

after three weeks – ready for rinsing
after rinsing
ready to wear

This was such fun to do and I am thinking about my next project already. Wearing my socks makes me happy, they are like ‘Sunshine on my feet’.

Have a happy week and stay safe xo