Stitches – Week 4 – Herringbone Rib

How did you like last week’s Herringbone Stitch? Did you get the chance to try it out yet?

Staying with the Herringbone Stitch theme, this weeks stitch has a slightly raised surface which would look great as a feature on jumpers, socks, or try on a pair of hand-warmers. Endless possibilities!

The stitch is worked over a multiple of 13sts plus 7sts

Row 1 (RS): [P1, k1] 3 times, p1, *RT 3 times, [p1, k1] 3 times, p1; rep. from * to end.

Rows 2 & 4 (WS): *[K1, p1] 3 times, k1, p6; rep. from * ending [k1, p1] 3 times, k1.

Row 3: [P1, k1] 3 times, p1, *k1, RT twice, k1, [p1, k1] 3 times, p1; rep. from * to end.

Stitch explained:

RT – Right Twist: K2tog leaving stitches on left-hand needle, knit first stitch again.

Enjoy trying this new stitch and let me know how you get on.

Stay safe and take care!

Heike xo