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Kika Kit_Fotor_Collage

Remember this? The wonderful Scheepjes Yarn Kit in aid of Kika – a childhood free of cancer that I got sometime in December?

Just to recap: The kit contains 2 balls of Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour and 3 balls of Scheepjeswol Invicta Extra Yarn, two fabulous patterns (one knitting/one crochet), and the template to make a large pompom. My kit was colourway “Crazy Storm“, but there are 15 choices in total, so it’s really not difficult to find your perfect match.

Me being me obviously couldn’t just use one of the pattern enclosed with the kit, oh no…I had long wanted to make a shawl that keeps popping into my Instagram feed over and over again, a shawl by the name of South Bay!

Originally the design was published in one of the UK crochet magazines (not sure which one, might have been Simply Crochet) and is clearly a well loved design. Originally made using a plain Silk Mohair Yarn and a 5.5mm hook, many many versions have since been made and a vast selection can be seen if using #southbayshawl on Instagram. Some plain, some using variegated yarns. Some have plainish borders, some more elaborate.

Here is my take on the much loved South Bay Shawl…

South Bay Collage

I used one ball of the Invicta Extra (grey), one ball of Invicta Colour and a 4mm Hook. My shawl measures 130cm along the top edge and is 65cm deep (after blocking), the perfect size to wear either looped around my neck a bit like a scarf, or draped around my shoulders for extra warmth. The colours really do remind me of a crazy storm, the grey of dark clouds looming and the fresh vibrant shades that can often be seen just after a storm has passed and the sun comes out again.

Why not make your very own South Bay Shawl. The pattern is absolutely free and can be found here…and the yarn is available here.

I have plenty yarn left from my kit and wonder what the shawl would look like if I reversed the colours…I think I might just have to give it a try.