seven wednesday stills – 1








Having just finished an on-line blogging course with the lovely Pip over at Meet me at Mikes, I have learned a thing or two. One message was that it is good to have weekly or monthly posts that occur on the same day each week/month. I decided that I like to do that, and the Seven Wednesday Stills will be my start on weekly themes…

This week we have…

1. Where I live…it’s in the ‘Land of Dragon’s’ – Wales

2. My Garden…hard work, but so worth it

3. My #carnivalecal cushion…almost finished. You can still find the pattern on lovely Poppy and Bliss’ blog

4. Parcels for my swap-partner in the #mishmashmosh swap on IG…posted to Oklahoma yesterday

5. Family…we (especially my ‘little’ sister) have had a heart-ache filled few weeks, here we are with our fabulous Pap’s

6. Pusteblume…after Daisies my next favourite growing wild everywhere here where I live

7. ‘Joy of Summer’…my latest shawl design. I need to find time to write up the pattern

So how do you like my Seven Wednesday Stills?

Do you think you will like this theme every week here at my place? I so hope you will.

Enjoy! X