#retreatlog2017 – arrival

#retreatlog #madewithloops.co.uk

Day two of the road trip was greeted with sleepy eyes in need of coffee and pain au chocolate. We found a lovely little cafe catering to our caffeine/sugar needs and soon we were on the road again.

The sock grew steadily throughout the day, and, after a few detours and a variety of weather challenges, we arrived at Chalet Mont de Grange. Made up beds and cooled wine was waiting for us, and after a yummy dinner we fell into bed sleeping like logs.

Totally refreshed we woke up to this…

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

…how could you not want to be coming here for some knitting, good food and laughter!

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

Just a few things to organise for the arrival of our fabulous guests on Sunday, but today I can be found doing mostly just this…

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

Have a fabulous day everyone!