postcards from barcelona

Last week we jetted off to the sun for a few days. It was very much ‘Last minute’, but we all needed a few days away from it all. It was also a big huge mahoosive ‘Well Done’ to ‘our girl’ for landing herself the job of a lifetime.

We all got on a plane to Barcelona, for some Sun, Sangria and Gaudi…

Barcelona 1

Barcelona 2

Barcelona 3

Barcelona 4

There really is nothing more relaxing than lazy days spent under endless blue skies by the sea. Laying on your deck chair, listening to the gentle slapping of waves, the occasional boat engine, people laughing, chatting and generally having fun, whilst a subtle whiff of suncream flows your way in the breeze.

Our few days in Barcelona had all the perfect ingredients to feel perfectly chilled by the end of it.

Now back to the studio!