New Discoveries

dear diary…

All who know me also know about my total love, some might call it obsession, with magazines. Not any odd magazines, but those that have great ideas and some good stories mixed with fabulous colour photography. This month I tried two new magazines just out.

First up there is Good Ideas, a Lifestyle magazine from the publishers of Good Housekeeping.

This is a quarterly publication and will be themed  by season, current launch issue is Summer. According to the editor, the magazines mantra is: Quick, Easy, Affordable, the aim being to showcase fabulous photography and fresh ideas in a modern format. The front cover certainly drew me in and I found a magazine packed with articles and photographs on Inspiration, Style, Health, Eating,  Living and much more, and priced at £3.99 it doesn’t break the bank every season either.

The next new magazine reminds me of one of my favourite German magazines and when I saw it winking at me from the shelves, I immediately thought that it might come from the same publishers.

It is called  Landscape and  is much more of a country/outdoor living magazine. It covers everything from Gardening to Crafts, History & Heritage to Country Matters and Cooking. Beautiful photography and really interesting stories will make this a favourite I am sure. It is published on a bi-monthly basis at £3.90 per issue.

Give them a go and see what you think!


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