oma’s socken – a new pattern


You may recall me talking about my love of sock knitting in an earlier post here. Since that post I have knitted a couple more pairs.

The pair in the above photo was a request, and will be left as a little surprise on the pillow in the guest room this week when said person comes to stay to keep ‘my girl’ company whilst I am away on my girlie week in the Alps.


This pair was a gift for a very sweet little girl visiting from Oz. She is the granddaughter of my friend Jackie and needed a warm pair to keep her feet snug. I added some anti-slip latex hearts to keep her safe whilst running around on wooden floors.

In my previous post I talked about the truly amazingly easy to follow pattern, which has been well trialled by at least three generations in my family, from which I knit my socks. I have tried to use different methods to knit socks, but a couple of years ago I realised that I really couldn’t be done with all of that. Trying different methods meant that socks were no longer enjoyable, so I stopped trying to be fancy and went back to my trusted old way. Actually, it is my Oma’s (grandma) way…five double pointed needles and the same maths get’s applied every time. As long as I know how long the leg part wants to be, and the shoe size of the recipient, I can be assured of a perfect fit. Simple stitch patterns, fair isle, or anything else one might fancy can easily be incorporated into the socks, it won’t make any difference to the fit.

After my last post many of you asked me if I could possibly make the pattern available? I thought about it (not for long!), wrote it out and had it test-knitted by non-family, and finally…

HERE it is…


oma’s socken – download pattern under single patterns on the top menu

I am really excited to finally share this family pattern with you all, it has given me many many happy and memorable hours of knitting, not to mention producing many beautifully warm and cosy pairs of socks for family and friends.

I truly hope my Oma’s pattern can do the same for you.

Enjoy! x