Notes from Wales

I cannot remember seeing the sky above my house so uninterruptedly blue without a single perforating condensing stripe to be seen.

Everything so quiet, as if someone pressed the pause button. All seems peaceful and beautiful.

Inside of me…Hope – Fear – Courage – Despair – Serenity – Anger – Longing -Unsettlement – Laziness and Uncertainty for the future.

And waiting… for what exactly? I am not sure. To be in charge of almost nothing, but instead following guidelines and instructions doesn’t come so easy.

I know we are all in this together and we all have our own ways to deal with this situation. Some take it as complete normality, some feel the need to be super informed at all times and some need to talk or write about it. The Corona Virus effects all our souls in different ways and not the same every day.

Let’s be tolerant with one another. Let’s smile at one another as we pass each other during our daily walks or in supermarkets at the suggested distance. A simple smile means so much!

Stay safe! xo.