Norfolk Shawl

dear diary…

let me introduce you to my latest design, the Norfolk Shawl.

This crescent shaped shawl was inspired by the Lavender and Wheat fields of Norfolk, gently swaying in the wind blowing  from the North Sea.

I have always loved Norfolk, the vast open spaces with large fields of crops growing, interspersed with pretty villages and old Windmills. Then there is the amazing coastline, where beautiful sandy beaches invite you to dip your toes (or more) into the waves or simply stroll along looking at sun-sets and stripy Lighthouses.


The mostly flat landscape, occasionally interspersed with gentle hills, makes it perfect for cycle holidays. Take your paints to capture one of the many breathtaking vistas, or like me, be inspired to do some knitting.

The Norfolk Shawl is now exclusively available at Fibre & Clay or directly via the Patterns to buy page.