Merry Christmas

Nature is smart. She simply escapes into a hibernation. When times get tough, plants stop growing and many retreat to their subterranean parts. Many animals are also preparing for dark and barren months, some fall into hibernation, some just retreat to warmer climes. This rhythm of nature and the festivities that go with it give us stability, which is especially appreciated this year.

At Christmas it is particularly noticeable. First the excitement of preparation and then calm. Life is allowed to stand still for a few days. Now comes the time of candles and Christmas lights, a time of contemplation.

The world is in motion, but some things stay the way they always were, traditions keep us going when times are tough and have never been more important than now.

As this challenging year slowly draws to a close, we are all too aware that we are facing more uncertainties ahead, that our resilience and patience will be tested for a while longer. Together we can come through this, together we are strong.

I would like to take this, my last blog entry for 2020, as the opportunity to thank you for your continued support. Every pattern purchase you make, like you give and comment you leave on social media puts a smile on my face and makes all the hard work worth while. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.

Stay safe and take care!

See you in 2021 xx