About me

Hello and a warm welcome!

My name is Heike and I am your host here at Made with Loops. I have had no “formal” art or design training and I create everything organically, from the heart, which is also pretty much how I live my life.

I am a Maker with a deep love of fibre arts, knitting, crochet, a little sewing and embroidery.

My love of crafting runs as deep as my wanderlust and I have always been determined to see as much of the world as I can, gathering inspiration on the way.

Much of my creative inspiration comes from the magic of nature. At home, in the Clwydian Hills, I embrace natures palette and when traveling I love to collect found objects like shells, feathers and much more.

Knitting will always be my first love! Creating garments and accessories to wear, or coming up with ideas for items to use around the home is what I love best. Not a day goes by when I do not have yarn in my hands.

I look forward to crafting with you and I hope you will find inspiration by turning the pages here on my blog.

Enjoy! X.

For your info:

Almost all yarns and other products featured on this blog have been purchased by myself. As a person with my very own opinions, I like to pass on recommendations and share my views on various products/services I think you might be interested in.

Sometimes I am provided with items to review, mostly craft books and yarns and quite often I work in co-productions with yarn suppliers for my designs, sometimes I am even lucky enough to get my hands on brand new yarns before they arrive in the shops.

What ever the case might be, I will always give an honest opinion as my integrity is most important.


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