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dear diary,

a while ago I made a small bag using some Araucania Nature Wool. The yarn was lovely to work with and the little bag turned out well and was the perfect size for taking a small project, like socks, on the Go.

The pattern is simple but effective, knit and purl repeats spiralling around the body and when lined the bag really is a joy to use. So when thinking about what FREE pattern I could offer you next, I thought…why not make it again using cotton yarn this time.

Here is the result…

Using the exact same stitch count as before, the bag has turned out slightly larger which is even better as now I can fit a shawl project inside. I used Rowan’s All Season Cotton for this bag which is beautifully soft, shows off the stitches really well and is sturdy enough too with the added bonus of being easily washable.

Best of all, this bag can be made in just one afternoon 🙂 ! Go on, what are you waiting for, download pattern here.