Last day’s of Autumn

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

Emily Bronte

The weather is still unseasonably mild here in North Wales and so far we have not had any frost. The leaves are turning and when I look out from the window in my studio, all I see is an abundance of colour. This is my favourite time of year.

The days are getting shorter and many of us will light our first fires of the year. This is a perfect time to just walk and enjoy some fresh air, wrap up in your favourite knitwear and stride out. It is also the season to start comfort eating: Bake a cake, make a hot drink and get settled curling up on the sofa with your knitting or a good book.

Tidying my studio the other day I came across a few started sock projects, and as it is #socktober I decided to make every effort and finish some. They will come in handy as Christmas presents for some special people in my life.

In my view, any excuse for cosiness should be grabbed and the sound of rain on the windows and wind in the trees make for the perfect time enjoying some extra sensory moments to tune in and focus on the world around you instead of hurrying around on autopilot.

Sit yourself down…take a deep breath…and relax!

Take care and stay safe! xo