introducing – the two way cardigan

dear diary,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my latest pattern design to you…the ‘two way’ cardigan. After two of my ‘knitterly’ friends kindly agreed to test-knit this for me, I feel happy to make it available to you my lovely readers.

Version 1

style one

Called ‘two way’ cardigan because, as the name says, it can be worn two ways up or down, making it a very versatile garment to own.

This simple design can be knitted in no time at all using 6mm needles, and here comes the important bit…there is almost no sewing up to do either. Let me tell you a little bit more on how it came about…

The Design Story,

A few years ago, on a visit to Germany, I saw a knitted cardigan in a shop window that I liked. As it was hugely expensive I just made a mental note to myself and did a few scribbles in my notebook to be re-visited at a later date.

Yarn 1

On a visit to Colinette yarns with a friend two years ago I bought enough Zanziba for the scribbles in my notebook, and finally, earlier this year I got out my notes from way back when and designed the ‘two way’ Cardigan.

The design is made up of three rectangles, using two simple, yet effective, stitch patterns and can be worn both ways up (or down), thus giving you two totally different looks.

Version 2

style two

The yarn can be substituted with any bulky yarn of your choice, just as long as it can be knitted using 6mm needles you will be fine, and all is explained in the pattern notes.

This is a quick and straight forward design that can be tackled by novice or more experienced knitters alike. It is a joy to make and and an even greater joy to wear, so why not download your copy today. You can do so by going to the single pattern page from the menu above or by clicking here.

Enjoy! xx