introducing cariad


Hello my lovely readers, how have you been? Well I hope and keeping warm during these very chilli days and nights!

It’s hard to believe that February is almost over and in only 6 days time here in Wales we will be celebrating St. David’s day.

Saint David, or Dewi Sant as he’s called in the Welsh language, is the patron saint of Wales and celebrations take place on the 1st of March every year around Wales. There aren’t many facts about St David; but here are a few undisputed ones.

  • He really existed
  • He was at the heart of the Welsh church in the 6th century
  • He came from an aristocratic family in West Wales
  • His mother was a saint, Saint Non
  • His teacher was also a saint, St Paulinus
  • He founded a large monastery in West Wales
  • He was one of the early saints who helped to spread Christianity among the pagan Celtic tribes of Western Britain
  • He became Archbishop of Wales, but remained in his community at Menevia (now called St Davids)
  • He was active in suppressing the Pelagian heresy
  • His shrine became a great place of pilgrimage; four visits to the shrine at St David’s were considered the equivalent of two to Rome, and one to Jerusalem! (source: BBC)

The most famous story about Saint David tells how he was preaching to a huge crowd and the ground is said to have risen up, so that he was standing on a hill and everyone had a better chance of hearing him.

Every year we celebrate St. David’s Day in our homes, schools and churches with fabulous Daffodil displays, song and general happy get-togethers.

This year I thought I do something special and after conversing with my dear friend and co-operator Claudia (, we came up with our latest shawl design. Claudia set to work dying the most delicious colours of yarn, I got my calculator out to work on stitch counts and together we came up with Cariad.

Cariad, the welsh word for sweetheart or darling, a term of endearment is a semi-circular shawl giving you a warm and endearing hug, using Isager Alpaca 2, lovingly hand painted by Wollsinn and Isager Tvinni for a lace edge.

Just look at these colour combinations…


…aren’t they just unbelievably beautiful! Choose from any of these combinations or e-mail Claudia with your own special wishes. The Kit comes with all the yarn necessary to make the shawl and includes the pattern in either German or English.

It can be ordered directly via Claudia’s website here.

Enjoy your week and for St David’s day I wish you…

Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus!