family is best and cafe wollgeflüster

Ellens House Collage

Last week I went to Germany and spent time with my family. I stayed with my sister and we had a truly wonderful time together. We do share many of the same interest, especially our love for all things woolly, and many an hour was spent knitting and crocheting whilst drinking endless cups of tea and having a really good catch up.

We are very close and she is the one person (apart from ‘my man’) who I turn to when times are difficult and things look a bit gloomy. Our children are very close too, not only in age, but also in spirit, and our chaps get on like a house on fire. All in all pretty perfect!

Most of the time we just stayed in at her house, but one morning she told me she was taking me to Cafe Wollgeflüster, a fairly new Yarn Cafe she hadn’t been to yet. So off we went exploring…


Woll Cafe Collage

Cafe Wollgeflüster is the brainchild of Irmlind Engbert, something she dreamed off for many years whilst working in an office environment, and which finally became reality just over one year ago.

Irmlind, who has been knitting since early childhood, welcomes her visitors with a warmth and charm that is captivating and her desire to share her love of yarn is evident from the moment one walks through the door.

A beautifully decorated place, that not only sells some of the most precious and beautiful yarns, but also invites visitors to sit at one of the pretty decorated tables, sample a home baked slice of cake and fair trade cup of tea or coffee, while knitting, chatting and taking in the atmosphere. It is very easy to forget time as one can feel totally relaxed and is made to feel right at home. It comes as no surprise that my sister and I didn’t find it hard to fall in love with such a welcoming place and I am sure we will be back just as soon as we can. Thank you Irmlind for a wonderful afternoon!

I am back home now, busy catching up with work and missing my sister already. I think I need to start planning my next visit!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, whatever you are doing!