exciting new beginnings


This is me and my immensely talented, inspiring and all round wonderful friend Claudia…

WoolyLoops Logo

…and this is the beginning of a fabulously exciting new joint venture between Wollsinn (Claudia’s yarn emporium) and Made with Loops.

Like me, Claudia is mad on all things yarny, selling and hand dyeing scrumptious Isager Yarns via her online shop. She also organises some wonderful yarny events over in Germany to which she kindly invites me every year to teach some classes.

Recently she came to stay with me and we started dreaming of doing something new and exciting together. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for two girls with sticks to come up with a couple of fabulous ideas, and so WoolyLoops was born.

WoolyLoops has it’s own blog space HERE, here is where you can read about everything that we will offer and get up to, there is a designated group on Ravelry here and inspirational Pinterest boards for you to indulge here.

Our first project is a mystery knit along, starting on the 26th December. This will be a sampler blanket comprising of 20 squares, each one being a different design of textured stitches. We will release two squares per month plus two different options for edgings at the end. This knit along can be purchased as a yarn kit from Wollsinn and is available in German and English.

The Kit comprises 10 balls of Isager Merilin in two shades to be chosen by you and 2 balls of a specially hand dyed complimentary colour. Isager Merilin is a beautifully soft scrumptious yarn of 80% Wool and 20% Linen and is available in nine stunning shades.


WoolyLoops Collage

Claudia and I will be making a blanket too, you can see my shades on the left in this photo, and you will be able to follow our progress in the above mentioned places.

This knitting Kit makes the perfect Christmas gift for any knitter, so why not put it on to your wish list. We would love to have you on board when we start our mystery adventure later this month.

Go and sign up now to receive updates on this any future projects we are planning. We look forward to welcoming you.

Enjoy! X.