Elephant’s of Addo (Africa part 5)

dear diary,

as mentioned in my last post, at the end of our Kariega Game Reserve visit I still had not laid eyes on my favourite animal of all…the Elephant. For as long as I can remember, the Elephant has been my favourite and over the years I have collected Elephants in all shapes and sizes made of various materials. It comes as no surprise that I have knitted a few too.

I was therefore adamant that I would not leave Africa without seeing them in the wild and their natural environment and welcomed Derek’s (our guide) suggestion to drive to Addo Elephant National Park before returning to Port Elizabeth. Thank you Derek for this last day special, but see for yourself:

It was midday and it seemed that everyone was on their way to a watering hole…


The long walk to water


By the water hole


Young love


Play fight


Trying to keep up


Motherly protection


Off for some lunch


Different shades of grey


A feast for the Elephant lovers eye

…the old saying came true:”Save the best for last!”, as you can imagine I was very happy 🙂