Chakra Crystals and their meaning

You may or may not know that I have been interested in ancient healing theories for quite some time. Through reading & listening studies I have become more and more aware of the different energy centres in our bodies, so called Chakras.

Chakras are thought to be constantly spinning discs of energy and should stay ‘open’ and aligned for our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Seven main chakras run along our spine and each of these chakras correspond to specific crystals/gemstones and each type of stone has a unique crystalline structure which vibrates at a particular rate, creating their individual properties. The stones relate to each Chakra and aid in aligning and balancing the energy flow and energy centres of our bodies.

I have had a set of chakra crystals for some time but when the lovely people from Two Feather’s got in touch with me the other week asking to do a collaboration, I jumped at the offer of a beautiful new set of stones.

If you are not familiar with this ancient healing practise, here is a quick guide to each Chakra, the corresponding colour and stone, and the meaning behind it:

Starting from the bottom(in top photo or right to left in bottom photo):

Root Chakra – Black or Red – Black Obsidian (or Red Tiger’s Eye)

The base of the spine – Connects us to our physical self, enhancing the body’s health, inner strength, courage and vitality.

Sacral Chakra – Orange – Red Jasper

Just below the belly button – Connects to our emotional self, strengthening our appetite for life.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Orange Calcite (or Citrine)

Upper abdomen – Connects us to our mental self, improving thought clarity, learning, confidence and self esteem.

Heart Chakra – Green – Malachite (or Aventurine)

Centre of the chest – Connection to unconditional love bringing harmony, sincerity and compassion, cleansing and balancing our energy and giving a feeling of peace, balance and renewal.

Throat Chakra – Blue – Lapis Lazuli

The throat – Ideal for reducing stress and helping the hormonal system as it connects us to the expression of universal truth, reinforcing communication, speech and healing.

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo/Purple – Amethyst

Between the eyes – Also known as ‘the brow Chakra’ it connects us to our unconscious self, heightening our imagination, understanding and intuitiveness. It stimulates dream activity and helps to remove anxieties and fears.

Crown Chakra – Clear/Lilac – Quartz Crystal

Very top of head – This connects us to our spiritual self, bringing guidance, wisdom and creativity. It purifies thoughts and feelings, giving us inspiration.

These are all energetic centres of our bodies that correspond to feelings. Maybe one resonated with you while you were reading this post, a different one may resonate with you tomorrow. Some may resonate more than others, and one or two may show as continuous problems, a chakra where you often deal with blocks.

If chakras interest you beyond my short breakdown, you can find out more information in books and online about the balancing and realignment of chakras. These involve yoga, meditation, certain types of bodywork and even music.

If you are interested in a set of your very own crystals, Two Feather’s ( have a live sale, details below.

Until soon, take care xo