january – new beginnings

Hello friends, have you noticed something? I had a bit of a clear out and re-style of my little corner of the world wide web. What do you think, do you like it?

Last year was not the best year in many ways and this led me to have serious thoughts about the way forward for me and Made with Loops. I am bit of an old fashioned girl and a promise means just that, a promise to do what you say you will do. Being let down by folks that I thought of as not only collaborators but also friends, was a hard pill to swallow but forced me to re-evaluate and when I lost my beloved Dad in December, I realised that I must spend serious time and think about the way I want to go forward.

The last few weeks have been a time of reflection, thoughts for the future and quiet time with family. Sitting by the fire knitting is the perfect opportunity to clear the mind, think ahead and make some plans for going forward.

My slightly neglected blog had been in my mind for a while and I decided to make this the starting point of my way forward. Using a combination of my love for yarn and nature as a theme produced the new Logo and this was followed by a new and less fussy layout. I am extremely happy with the new look and hope you like it too.

Colour is such an important part of my life and I am looking forward to spending many happy hours working as a brand representative for the wonderful people at Nurturing Fibres using their eco-friendly yarns in the most delicious colours.

I will continue teaching workshops as sharing my love for knitting and crochet is very close to my heart and a big part of what I do and meeting new people that way is always a bonus.

There will be no knitting retreat this year and less pressured commission work, instead I will work on some free patterns which I will share with you here on the blog and most exciting of all will be the ability to have more time for the things I love:

Spending time with family and friends, time outdoors enjoying where I live, travel to new destinations and going on knitting adventures with my dear “knitsisters”. I am confident it will be a very good year to come and I am content and happy with my decisions and looking ahead with excitement.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and creative New Year, I hope you will be part of this new journey.

love and hugs, Heike

christmas makes

Over the past three Advent Sunday’s I have been sharing some cute and quick makes with my friends over on Instagram. Today, the fourth and last Advent Sunday, is no exception and will see the last Christmas pattern published for this year.

Why not share them here too I thought. So if you need a last minute decoration for your tree, or want to make a special Christmas gift for someone, here are this year’s quick Weihnachtsgeschenke by me.

Simple Crochet Christmas Tree
Knitted Christmas Tree Garland
Crochet Christmas Stars
Christmas Cones

Sorry for the mis-match of text colour and size, but these blocks were done for Instagram and I didn’t want to write it all out again due to time restrictions and I hope you will like them nonetheless.

Thank you for coming along with me on my knitting and crochet journey again this year, I have enjoyed your company.

I will be telling you about some changes in my next post, but for now I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that 2019 will be a good year for us all.

See you soon, Heike xo

meet marbly

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

Hello friends, how have you been? Well I hope and enjoying the wonderful summer weather we are having, well here in the UK anyway. I can’t believe it’s three weeks since my last post already, time has just flown by as I have been so busy, but today I have a fabulous gift for you:

Meet Marbly” 

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

You can download this pattern for free until Sunday 1st July 2018 and this “Marbly’s” story:

A few weeks ago I received my first KnitCrate box. KnitCrate is a fairly new kid on the block in the world of monthly yarn subscriptions and is packed with beautiful, specially selected yarn as well as two free patterns. Every box gives the option of one crochet and one knitting pattern, keeping both sets of makers happy and everything arrives in a pretty box. As well as a monthly yarn subscription you can find tons of other fabulous stuff on the KnitCrate site and anyone who fancies to subscribe can get 20% off by adding – MADEWITHLOOPS20 – at Checkout, just click here.

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl #knitcrate

On receiving my first box I immediately fell in love with this yarn! Two hanks of naturally dyed marled fingering weight yarn, a combination of Merino and Peruvian Highland Wool with a little added Nylon for long lasting wearability. Two hanks of 400m each…I was very happy and all sorts of ideas were beginning to spin around in my head. Of course I could have made the beautiful patterns that came with the yarn, but you know me by now…!

Here is what I did instead:

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

I wound one hank of yarn into a lovely cup cake, added another mini cup cake leftover from my stash, started work on “Marbly” and transformed the yarn into a beautiful shawl.

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

“Marbly” is special due to its classic shape and simple lines. A garter stitch centre hugged by a contrast knit/purl border gives you the opportunity to use a special hank of yarn that you might have in your stash, or seek out and purchase yarn to work with a coat or outfit in your wardrobe. For me it doesn’t get better than classic black and white as it is timeless and stylish, but this shawl works equally well in brighter hues. You can use fingering, 4Ply, double knit or any yarn you fancy. Plain, striped, speckled or create a marbled effect by holding two strands together.

Make it your own – the sky is the limit!

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

Of course the best bit for you guys: You can download the pattern absolutely free until Sunday 1st July 2018 by clicking here. From Monday it will be available via my Etsy Shop, Ravelry and LoveKnitting.

What are you waiting for, get downloading! I hope you like “Marbly” as much as I do.

Happy Knitting – Enjoy!



This post contains a sponsored link. By subscribing to a KnitCrate box you will receive a discount and I will receive a small commission.


getting our house in order

#houseinorder #gdpr #madewithloops

Dear Friends,

please bear with me as I write this rather dry, but necessary, post about new EU regulations called GDPR coming into effect on the 25 May 2018, when it supersedes the UK Data Protection Act of 1998 (DPA).

So what exactly does GDPR stand for?

Sadly it does not stand for…

“Get Dancing Perfect Rumba” and not even for “Great Day Purl Ribbing”!

Instead it stands for General Data Protection Regulations.

There is an awful lot to read and find out about, but what it means in a nutshell is that the new law brings a 21st century approach to data protection. It expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal data is collected and processed, and places a range of new obligations on organisations to be more accountable for data protection.

As I don’t sell anything from this blog I don’t actually collect any data from you and hold nothing on any files or servers apart from your e-mail address that you signed up with to receive updates for new blog post when I publish them.

You have already been asked to agree to our Cookie Policy – if you are unsure what this means you can read about it by clicking HERE

Today, with plenty of time still to go until the new law comes into effect, I want to give you the opportunity to decide if you still want me to keep your e-mail address on the secure server of my website host.

I hope you will, as I will never disclose them to anyone and, as you know, I don’t bombard you with constant updates either.

If you wish to be removed please send and email to me at heike.gittins@gmail.com and I will make sure that you do not receive any further e-mails from this blog until you decide otherwise and re-subscribe.

To find out more about GDPR please visit the Government website at ICO.org

There it is…boring but necessary post over!


wanderlust – a new pattern

#wanderlustjumper #einrumyarn #madewithloops

Towards the end of last summer postman Eric dropped off a rather large parcel all the way from Iceland. To my delight it contained many gorgeous colourful balls of Einrum yarn, you can imagine my joy!

#wanderlustjumper #einrumyarn #madewithloops

Designing something using this beautiful yarn had been on my list for a while, now I had no excuse and so I set to work.

A jumper it was going to be, that was obvious from the start. I could see it clearly in my head and before long “Wanderlust” was born.

Wanderlust was inspired by my love of travelling and discovering new places and the jumper is entirely knitted in the round starting with the Yoke and thus travelling around the world. No sewing up at all and finished with an applied I-cord at the neck-line, for which full instructions are given, completes a relaxing knitting experience.

Even if you have never knitted a top-down jumper before, you can easily manage this project, as long as you can knit and purl…you are on your way.

#wanderlustjumper #einrumyarn #madewithloops

The beautiful Einrum+2 Yarn from Iceland, 80% Icelandic Wool/20% Silk, is simply gorgeous to work with. Warm, yet lofty, with just the right amount of drape and a little sheen, makes garments snug and cosy and will see you right though the cooler months of the year. Equally, this jumper will become your go-to for cooler evenings in the summer.

#wanderlustjumper #einrumyarn #madewithloops

The pattern comes with full instructions and is available to download in either English or German from the usual places, with all links in the right hand column of this blog.

The Yarn is available from Claudia at Wollsinn, just click on this link HERE 

I really hope you like it and I would love to hear your thoughts on this, my very first published garment design.

Wish me luck!